Good to see Patrick's back...

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Posted by YDSM on February 21, 2001 at 23:45:47:

Well, over that lil' flu bug, eh? Back now with a vengeance? We've all missed you. In reference to an earlier post, I have to agree that your ramblings about Frank Black, parachute pants and your own blatant hardcore punkrockedness probably contributed most to HRG's recent absence. After all, we all KNOW noone's as Devo as you. Your winning bid on that collection of used Mott The Hoople concert ankle socks??? Like anyone is punker than that...sheesh. We don't need to keep being reminded. And now for a lil' Haiku:

After brief respite
Pat returns home once again
Geekdom, here we come

"...I'll put an R.A. MacLean Space Invaders game on my website. Don't mess with me- I'm a voodoobilly dork..."

P.S.- Don't make your jealousy of any praise D.D. gets so apparent. Chancaca! might just pay you a visit...and from what I understand- you don't want that.

P.P.S.- Make it a turkey sub next time. With mustard AND mayo. Quit bein' a tightwad with that bologna nonsense.

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