Re: Shove New Jersey up your butt...

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Posted by Vermin on February 22, 2001 at 12:34:15:

In Reply to: Re: Shove New Jersey up your butt... posted by YDSM on February 22, 2001 at 11:54:06:

Actually, I meant the guy who wrote the first
one, the "wouldn't you like to know" guy, not
you....sorry for the confusion.
Nothing really, but think about it, when they
were the rage in the 80's, and you saw one, it
was ALMOST always driven by a bleach blonde with
big hair.
The guys had black or dark blue ones...
At least that's the way it was in my neck of the
I really like the late 70's Zs, bad assed cars.

And, yeah, I get your drift about Patrick wanting
to "know" people......
He's a weird guy.


: : What are you?
: : Well since you asked.....
: : Everytime someone says anything that COULD
: : probably isn't ) be considered critical of
: : Deadbolt, or anything like that, you're there
: to
: : take up the fight.....
: : You have your own Deadbolt website.....
: : As a post below stated, you run off at the
: mouth
: : about yourself all the time......

: : Then you tell us all to get a life?
: : Patrick, Patrick, Patrick....
: : Where do I start?

: : You're a GROUPIE Patrick!
: : ( Or at the very least you REALLY wish you
: : WERE...But I don't think ANY of your orifices
: : even remotely interest any of the guys from
: : band...)

: : Like some big haired, red camaro driving,
: : hairdresser from Jersey getting pissy when
: : someone badmouthed Bon Jovi back in the
: eighties!

: : Does that guy who wrote that post about you
: going
: : off about how punk you think you are KNOW you?
: : He's got you pegged!
: : Later
: : V

: Hey, asshole, what's wrong with Camaros? And as
: far as me knowing Patrick, I'm afraid I
: don't "know" Patrick nearly as much as he'd
: me to, if ya get my drift.

: "...I'll blabber about Bon Jovi, groupies and
: orifices. Don't mess with me- I'm a voodoobilly
: man..."

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