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Posted by Chancaca on February 24, 2001 at 23:47:51:

RA Maclean recently wrote:

"Well it seems that has taken a
backseat to such important issues as your
diatribes of "Ode's to Diana D". "

So THAT's it! R.A. is ultra-mega-pissed because I (several weeks ago) made some lame, virtual-reality goofy attempt to court the Princess of Darkness, Diana Death, and composed some sonnet or haiku in her honor. IT WAS A JOKE, numbskull! I have no desire to romance her, cook for her, chop wood for her, or re-string her guitar. I live very far away from her. I've never seen her. She understands this, believe me. You are her knight in shining armor. I am but a court jester brought in for her idle amusement. She got the joke - you should too.

As Chancaca would have said..."Really, kind sir...my good-natured advances towards the fair Diana were most honorable and well-intentioned. As a gesture of good will towards you and the Band, I do hereby relinquish now and forever all claims to her black heart."

This issue is now officially closed.

blah blah blah

PS: hey RA - when are you guys playing Oakland?!?

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