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Posted by Vermin on February 28, 2001 at 01:18:54:

In Reply to: Re: New Movie posted by YDSM on February 27, 2001 at 23:41:11:

I saw a trailer about a sniper movie recently.
It was about Stalingrad I believe, the ledgendary duel that took place between a Russian sniper
and his German counterpart....
Ed Harris played the Nazi, I think..
It's a true story, though I wonder how bad and/or "dramatic" it will be once Hollywood get's done
with it...
I saw the movie poster in the lobby too, and the bolt is on the left side of the reciever......
Considering how many Russian left-handed, bolt action, sniper's rifles were made during WWII,
take this to be a bad sign.
It costs them just as much to do something right as it does to do it wrong....
(Sometimes MORE- Gladiator comes to mind.....)
Yet they still usually blow it.

: :
: : : ...YDSM, have you seen the previews for that
: : new
: : : movie about the sniper? It's called something
: : or
: : : other "Gate". Have you seen the red crosshair
: : : they show during the previews? I was
: thinking:
: : : Those fucking bastards, they better've not
: got
: : : that from me. But it looks like a rightous
: : movie.
: : : There's nothing like a good sniper movie. I
: : think
: : : it's going to be good.

: Nope, haven't seen any previews. I've faced the
: fact that Hollywood probably isn't going to ever
: make a good sniper-oriented flick. As a student
: of sorts of military tactics and an amateur USMC
: historian(The USMC's Surveillance/ Target-
: Aquisition scout-snipers arguably the world's
: best), I'm always disappointed with Hollywood
: portrayals of snipers, with a few exceptions. The
: sniping scenes in A Thin Red Line were fairly
: accurately portrayed, among a couple
: other "better" war films(Full Metal Jacket,
: etc.). But that movie Sniper(I think that was the
: title...with Tom Berringer) was a joke. The
: ghillie suit was a disaster, the rifle was all
: wrong, facts such as snipers always go out as a 2-
: man team, etc. were ignored, etc. Flicks like
: that are made for the uninformed civilian masses
: that'll buy anything. I'll keep my eyes open for
: that preview, though. If you remember or come
: across the full title of the movie, post it.

: One shot- One kill
: The skill to kill
: Invisible souls leave .308 holes
: Don't bother running- you'll only die tired

: "...I used to go shooting with Gunny Hathcock.
: Don't mess with me- I'm a voodoobilly man..."

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