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Posted by Patrick on March 01, 2001 at 22:35:52:

In Reply to: Re: New Movie... posted by Vermin on March 01, 2001 at 15:33:16:

...The Junkers Ju 87B Stuka was still in use. It
had service from 1939 (over Poland) to the
late'43, but, yes, by then they needed
Messerschmitt 109 escorts to go anywhere. The
Stuka was more of a gimmick/ scare tactic that
could pull out of a steep dive with a siren
attached to its landing gear, and that's about
it. The Messerschmitt 109 and the Focke-Wulf 190
(one of my favs, with it's low-pitched growling
three-prop engine) both held most of the air
fighting duties. But yes, your basic point is
correct: The P-51 and the Stuka never went head
to head on a *large scale* basis, it was way too
much of a mismatch.

: And, weren't the original spec'd engines
: supercharged Allison's, which they are now
: on those tractor pull rigs?
: (Although I seem to recall they retrofitted the
: Merlins or something like that.....)

: I dunno about the Stuka's being dead by 43-
: My grandfather was an aircraft mechanic in the
: 8th AirForce, and was in France during the
: ordeal and such.....
: I remember him telling me that they used to try
: and keep warm in their tents, using these small
: stoves....which made the snow melt off of the
: tents...which in turn made them stick out like
: boils on supermodel ass.......
: He told me jumping in trenches filled with icy
: water was no fun at all, and that divebombers
: make a rather nasty, unforgettable sound.....
: He told me they were Stukas.....He was there, I
: wasn't....I dunno.
: Then again, the Nazi's were using anything they
: had,'s not impossible the two
: engaged....just unlikely.

: Then again, he told me this stuff years ago,
: possible I'm not correctly remembering what he
: told me.....
: I gotta call him tomorrow, I'll ask him and see
: what he says.

: If I am as alert and mentally agile as he when
: get to be his age I will be amazed.
: V

: "You gotta understand my love of the P-51
: : Mustang. With a Merlin 12 cylinder 1,590hp
: : engine, and six .50 Cal machine guns, no
: radar,
: : no muffler, it basically ripped the wings
: : Stukas".

: : Patrick, P-51's never engaged Stukas-they
: : phased out after the battle of Britain and
: P-
: : 51D didn't come out until 1943-44-by then the
: : Stukas dead as the Do-do.

: : And for our Sniper Pro, the Scene in Saving
: : Private Ryan when the sniper got whacked by
: : shot through the scope was Ripped off by an
: : Incident that Happened by USMC Sgt. Carlos
: : Hathcock where he went 1 on 1 with a VC
: : and dropped him like a bad habit with the
: : shot. He took his SKS as a souvenir but his
: : snaked it from him. I believed he died about
: : years ago. He does hold the record for the
: : longest kill (About 2,500 yards) by putting
: : scope on a .50 Cal Machine gun and dropped a
: : soldier running supplies on hi Bicycle.

: : Always do yer homework,

: : R.A. MacLean

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