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Posted by YDSM on February 27, 2001 at 23:41:11:

In Reply to: Re: New Movie posted by Patrick on February 27, 2001 at 23:18:50:

: : ...YDSM, have you seen the previews for that
: new
: : movie about the sniper? It's called something
: or
: : other "Gate". Have you seen the red crosshair
: : they show during the previews? I was
: : Those fucking bastards, they better've not
: : that from me. But it looks like a rightous
: movie.
: : There's nothing like a good sniper movie. I
: think
: : it's going to be good.

Nope, haven't seen any previews. I've faced the
fact that Hollywood probably isn't going to ever
make a good sniper-oriented flick. As a student
of sorts of military tactics and an amateur USMC
historian(The USMC's Surveillance/ Target-
Aquisition scout-snipers arguably the world's
best), I'm always disappointed with Hollywood
portrayals of snipers, with a few exceptions. The
sniping scenes in A Thin Red Line were fairly
accurately portrayed, among a couple
other "better" war films(Full Metal Jacket,
etc.). But that movie Sniper(I think that was the
title...with Tom Berringer) was a joke. The
ghillie suit was a disaster, the rifle was all
wrong, facts such as snipers always go out as a 2-
man team, etc. were ignored, etc. Flicks like
that are made for the uninformed civilian masses
that'll buy anything. I'll keep my eyes open for
that preview, though. If you remember or come
across the full title of the movie, post it.

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