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Posted by Patrick on February 25, 2001 at 12:19:20:

In Reply to: Re: Ahhh...Now I understand... posted by El Marco! on February 25, 2001 at 02:42:37:

...You know Marco, I have four friends that tried
to do what you're doing. That is move from SD to
SF then back, and all three ended up saying
forget this, and moving to Colorado, Oregon, and
Sacramento, and Washington, but they were country-
type people, and one was a military type
decision. There's just something about coming
back to SD that doesn't go well for some. But
that's coming back. I do know quite a few that
have came from SF (two neighbors), that were
originally from the Bay, that really love it down
here. So I don't know. Maybe, people remember
only the good things, and forget about the crap.
It is a good place, I mean, not too many places
have our climate, low crime and moderness, and
this is the sixth largest US city. I'd consider
what kind of house I'd get, employer, friends,
family, commute time, Marin County? Down here we
have better iIlegal alien pay rates for getting
your lawn trimmed, and what a wife/girlfriend
thinks. It's toughie, but there's good in both

: Shut up Patrick! Listen R.A., give me a call.
: need your opinion regarding a move back to San
: Diego! Adios......

: : RA Maclean recently wrote:

: : "Well it seems that has taken a
: : backseat to such important issues as your
: : diatribes of "Ode's to Diana D". "

: : So THAT's it! R.A. is ultra-mega-pissed
: I (several weeks ago) made some lame, virtual-
: reality goofy attempt to court the Princess of
: Darkness, Diana Death, and composed some sonnet
: haiku in her honor. IT WAS A JOKE, numbskull!
: have no desire to romance her, cook for her,
: wood for her, or re-string her guitar. I live
: far away from her. I've never seen her. She
: understands this, believe me. You are her
: in shining armor. I am but a court jester
: in for her idle amusement. She got the joke -
: should too.

: : As Chancaca would have said..."Really, kind
: good-natured advances towards the fair
: Diana were most honorable and well-
intentioned. As
: a gesture of good will towards you and the
Band, I
: do hereby relinquish now and forever all claims
: her black heart."

: : This issue is now officially closed.

: : blah blah blah
: : Chancaca!

: : PS: hey RA - when are you guys playing

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