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Posted by Chancaca on February 23, 2001 at 15:22:30:

Dear Friends:
In the interest of saving this discussion list from the eternal flames of Hell-Fire and Internet Anonymity, towards which it is surely headed should we, its distinguished constituents, persist on our present path of unbridled and, quite frankly, off-topic reparte', I do hereby propose to you, my most gracious fellow Deadbolters, certain rules and regulations whereby to guide our insatiable appetite for electro-communication in this here public forum of the megabytes:

1. No longer shall we post lewd, lascivious, sexually charged, proctologically oriented, maliciously intentioned or denigrating commentary of any kind towards another poster, unless, of course, such poster happens to be Patrick, who shall from this point forwards be referred to exclusively as Patrique (with a "q").

2. Items relevant to the actual object of our affections, the so-called pop combo Deadbolt, shall be paramount and foremost in our priorities of discussion. Acceptable areas of relevance shall include, but not be limited to:
A. The Deadbolt Sound
B. Technical Tips and Treasures
C. Lyrical interpretation
D. Cole: who He was and what He saw
E. Specific performance reviews and evaluations,either
positive or negative -as long as you were there
F. Miss Diana Death: is she the "fifth" Deadbolt
(realizing that there are more than four original
members, but you get the idea, jerk-offs!)
G. Suggestions for the next Deadbolt album concept/theme
H. Personal observations on the difference Deadbolt has
made in your life

Submitted for your approval, I remain

Under Quarantine,


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