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Posted by Vermin on February 23, 2001 at 20:48:32:

In Reply to: Acceptable topics for discussion posted by Chancaca on February 23, 2001 at 15:22:30:

Well, I think he got around.
I may have known him, I may not have, but I think I might have.......
He was a shifty character, that one.......
He once told me "There is no money to be made dating rich little girls...It's the money their old
man shell out to make you go AWAY that makes it worthwhile..."
Yeah, he was something.....
We got into all kinds of messed up schemes....

We ran this scam one time with a homeless guy we picked up after a night of hard drinking in
Lake City.....We made him wear a picture of this United Way office manager around his
neck.....with the words, "If you find me, please take me to find my special friend!" written real
official like...with this fake institution address on it.....
I didn't really know how Cole was gonna pull this off, but he had a way with that kind of shit....
He was...gifted.....

This bum couldn't read or write, so we got him real drunk then Cole shot the poor fuckers
tongue up with Novacaine then shoved a really hungry, pissed off, squirrel down the guys
So, this poor sap is going BALLISTIC, right?....
Cole points him at the front door of the office, and we hightail it around the back.......
This guy is running around inside the store, he can't talk cause his tongue is all numb- all he
can say is"AAaAAaaaaaOOooOOOoaAAaaUUu!!!!!!",alarms are going off, security thinks he's
like the managers fucked up Little Brother because of the card around his neck, they're trying
to restrain him, they have his arms so he can't do ANYTHING, including get the squirrel out of
his pants, all the while this squirrel is just ripping into him, and all the while he's flopping around
like someone in a, it was chaos.
It was fucking beautiful.

Cole had the back door jimmied in a heartbeat, we were in and out before anyone knew a
Seems Cole had somehow found out that this was the day when all the donations came into
this central office to get added up and be deposited in the bank......
We started grabbin' wads of cash, all of it untraceable....
We were in and out real quick.

We split up out back.

He took the stuff, while I led the cops on a merry chase.
We were supposed to meet up later and split the money up......But I never saw him again.

I can't say that I was real sorry to hear that someone did him in.
His name was Cole...

I don't know if it was the SAME Cole, but it could have been.

He DID once say "Vermin, you'd never believe the things I've seen and done..."

Yeah, was that "Cole"?

I don't know all of what he had seen and done........
And I don't wanna ever know....

WAS that "Cole"?
I find myself wondering......................

Ah, it's pointless......ya know?

The squirrel got away clean.......and probably a little wiser.

: Dear Friends:
: In the interest of saving this discussion list from the eternal flames of Hell-Fire and Internet
Anonymity, towards which it is surely headed should we, its distinguished constituents, persist
on our present path of unbridled and, quite frankly, off-topic reparte', I do hereby propose to you,
my most gracious fellow Deadbolters, certain rules and regulations whereby to guide our
insatiable appetite for electro-communication in this here public forum of the megabytes:

: 1. No longer shall we post lewd, lascivious, sexually charged, proctologically oriented,
maliciously intentioned or denigrating commentary of any kind towards another poster, unless,
of course, such poster happens to be Patrick, who shall from this point forwards be referred to
exclusively as Patrique (with a "q").

: 2. Items relevant to the actual object of our affections, the so-called pop combo Deadbolt, shall
be paramount and foremost in our priorities of discussion. Acceptable areas of relevance shall
include, but not be limited to:
: A. The Deadbolt Sound
: B. Technical Tips and Treasures
: C. Lyrical interpretation
: D. Cole: who He was and what He saw
: E. Specific performance reviews and evaluations,either
: positive or negative -as long as you were there
: F. Miss Diana Death: is she the "fifth" Deadbolt
: (realizing that there are more than four original
: members, but you get the idea, jerk-offs!)
: G. Suggestions for the next Deadbolt album concept/theme
: H. Personal observations on the difference Deadbolt has
: made in your life

: Submitted for your approval, I remain

: Under Quarantine,

: Chancaca!

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