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Posted by Patrick on February 11, 2001 at 22:04:43:

In Reply to: Re: Unholy Matrimony posted by Diana Death on February 11, 2001 at 21:18:07:

...You know Diana. I'm laughing my ass off,
because when I see you get pissed off about this
marrying shit, I think about that thing you wrote
for that other website about that guy who stalked
you or whatever. The guy who went to the Stones
with you and your parents. Like if this Chacaca
guy read that, it would give him tremendous
insight into how you hate guys crawling up your
butt with affection. Also it's making me laugh,
loud :-))) because it brings to mind that time
you thought I was getting in with your Mum and
Dad so I could get in with you, HAHAHAHA! HOW
day I remember that post you made: "Oh
coincidence Patrick that you found out who my Mum
and Dad were Patrick!" I will never ever forget
that, jeez that was funny! The morbid female
mind. Anyway, I'll excuse myself now to make room
for R.A.'s very expected post. He'll be here
within the hour or so to once again defend your

-Fighting this Goddamn Flu All Fucking Weekend-

: : My Dearly Beloved Diana:
: : One hurts those most whom one loves most! I
: knew
: : that, given enough time,your fondness for me
: : would begin to grow and mature, like a flame
: : being fanned by the hot Santa Ana winds that
: : whisper your name to me almost every night...

: : I am sure that this very flame, now but a
: : spark, will eventually rise and consume us
: : in a maelstrom of passion and desire that
: : know no bounds.

: : Another thought: hows' about we ask Deadbolt
: to
: : play the wedding fete? I understand they
: : ask for $250 up front plus a case of beer (no
: Bud
: : Lite). We can handle that, right? You
: on
: : the floral arrangement (please no black
roses -
: : they depress me so).

: : BTW - Christopher Walken has been dead, God
: rest
: : his evil soul, for over three years (despite
: : recent Hollywood cameo appearances). Bobby
: : DeNiro is/was a personal friend of mine and
is -
: : how can I put this in as delicate a manner as
: : possible -quite happily gay.

: : Your Future Fiance'
: : Chancaca!

: OK, this marriage shit is really giving me the
: fuckin' creeps. The fact that I have no idea
: the hell you are adds to the creepiness.
: do not make any more references of the sort,
: the sake of my mental health.

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