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Posted by Diana Death on February 11, 2001 at 23:57:29:

In Reply to: Re: Unholy Matrimoany... posted by YDSM on February 11, 2001 at 22:55:39:

: : ...You know Diana. I'm laughing my ass off,
: : because when I see you get pissed off about
: this
: : marrying shit, I think about that thing you
: wrote
: : for that other website about that guy who
: stalked
: : you or whatever. The guy who went to the
: : with you and your parents. Like if this
: : guy read that, it would give him tremendous
: : insight into how you hate guys crawling up
: : butt with affection. Also it's making me
: : loud :-))) because it brings to mind that
: : you thought I was getting in with your Mum
: : Dad so I could get in with you, HAHAHAHA! HOW
: this
: : day I remember that post you made: "Oh
: : coincidence Patrick that you found out who my
: Mum
: : and Dad were Patrick!" I will never ever
: : that, jeez that was funny! The morbid female
: : mind. Anyway, I'll excuse myself now to make
: room
: : for R.A.'s very expected post. He'll be here
: : within the hour or so to once again defend
: : honour.

: : Patrick
: : -Fighting this Goddamn Flu All Fucking

: Fight the good fight, Patrick! Don't let a
: lil' flu bug keep you down. But now our
: is piqued- why exactly did you try to "get in
: with" Diana Death's folks?
: And YOU, DD- what's up with throwing that
: word "creepy" around like it's a bad thing?
: unbecoming.

: ...I'll rent the cottage next door to
: Disgraceland- don't mess with me, I'm a
: voodoobilly man...

YDSM, you must understand that there is "good"
creepiness, and then there is the kind of
creepiness which is NOT good at all.
Christopher Walken = Good creepy.
Persistent proposals from strangers = Bad creepy.

Patrick, your assertion that I thought you were
using my parents to "get to" me is a complete
delusion on your part.

And how the fuck did you know that I wrote for an
ezine? There are no links to it from my site
(cos the damn thing has not been updated in
almost 2 years), and I never made mention of it
before... Sounds like bad creepy to me!

One other thing: I don't mind being the
recipient of male affection in the slightest, as
long as it's from extremely attractive, creative,
eccentric guys with substantially high IQs. And
they have to be willing to kill for me, if need
be. Otherwise, the professions of "love" are a
sham. If I truly loved somebody, I would kill
for him, so I expect the same.

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