No! Please don't go!!!

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Posted by YDSM on March 04, 2001 at 16:24:13:

In Reply to: Good Riddance, Dirtbags! posted by Chett on March 04, 2001 at 15:14:31:

: Well, I have learned nothing about Deadbolt
during the last week of reading this bulletin
board that I didn't already know. You people are
sick and twisted and probably ride Harleys
thinking you look real cool, but you're not!
Probably just a bunch of fat middle aged
alcoholics with home-made tatoos who are tone-
: Only so much abuse I should take - don't bother
replying to this, because I'm removing you from
my browser's "favorites" list.
: Dumbasses!
: -Chett-

You're quitting now right before you were about
to make the cut and be welcomed into the club.
Damn. So close...I was counting on you, Chett. I
had faith in you, brah. Patrick even had a
Deadbolt voodoo decoder ring personally-inscribed
with "Chitt" made up and everything, not to
mention the official Deadbolt Fan Club-embossed
cape, ready to priority ship to your door. And I
hope you know, Chett, you just threw away your
chance at ownership of an official Hasbro 1996
set of Deadbolt sockpuppets. Your name's gonna be
taken off the lottery list. And now you're
quitting and running back to King Crimson.
Why? ...Oh well, I guess it's just fate
preventing us from maintaining top-shelf status
on your browser's illustrious "favorites" list
(sobs). It's folks like you, Chett, yes YOU, who
make us so jaded. I hope you're happy. Is there
any possible way we can talk you into staying?
Please, please, please let us know.

Sincerely hoping, wishing, praying Chett changes
his mind-

P.S.- Hey, Chancaca!, what were the odds on this
fag? It's Sunday and my bookie's not answering
his phone(the drunk asshole). Looks like I owe.
The fuckin' sissy...I thought this joker would've
at least been strung along until maybe next Wed.
Get in touch and lemme know.

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