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Posted by YDSM on March 05, 2001 at 19:06:47:

In Reply to: Yeah...let him go... posted by Chancaca on March 04, 2001 at 19:38:40:

: Kind Mr. Y (may I call you "Y" or do you insist
: on formality?):

: On a possibly related note...
: Wherefore derive you, a self-professed Voodo-
: Billy Man, such effortless conversational
: knowledge of that quintessentially "eighties"
: British pop combo The Smiths? Careful, my good
: man, or you run the risk of invoking the wrath
: Patrique and the contempt of Lady Di with such
: musical associations. As for me, well, I will
: simply quote Christopher Rock from his
: and by now classic repartee on OJ
: Simpson: " I'm not saying what he did
: right - but I understand..."

: Simplistically Yours,
: Chancaca!

Actually, Chancaca!, with Detroit being similar
to Manchester in geographic locale(both being
decadent Northern industrial cities) and basic
taste(dark, forboding, bleak), I became aware of
certain similar music "scenes" early on in my
development. As an avowed anti-
electronica/dance "punk" in the early '80s, I
never got into Joy Division/ New Order but The
Smiths, regardless of Morrissey's gay Meat is
Murder stance, at least were a simple traditional
4-piece outfit devoid of computer enhancement.
Love 'em or hate 'em, Johnny Marr's talent with
that 12-string Rickenbacher back in 1986 was
unprecedented. I fully admit to a fascination as
a 15-year-old of this Brit band coming to America
and exploring Americana(for lack of a better
word) and way before U2 did it. Morrissey filming
a video in James Dean's hometown, hiring Boz
Boorer(perhaps the UK's
best "rockabilly"[rockabilly being an undeniably
American phenomenon] guitarist) for his band, his
living in LA for a spell, etc. all allow me to
respect the band/Morrissey, regardless of my
distaste for their/his politics, etc. You never
saw Robert Smith hanging out in Vegas, Memphis,

I now await numerous and various vicious replies
to this post denouncing me as an art fag, But I'm SURE not a single one of you
was blasting Johnny Cash while wrenching on small-
block Chevys at Jimbo's Garage drinking Pabsts
dressed in cuffed black Levis and wifebeaters
thinking about what next traditional tattoo
you're gonna get to complete your sleeves back in
1983. Spare me all that bullshit.

I also rode a skateboard. Wish I still had my
Skull Skates Hosoi "Hammerhead" deck. Could
prolly sell that on eBay now for $200+.

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