Yeah...let him go...

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Posted by Chancaca on March 04, 2001 at 19:38:40:

In Reply to: No! Please don't go!!! posted by YDSM on March 04, 2001 at 16:24:13:

Kind Mr. Y (may I call you "Y" or do you insist
on formality?):

Ahhh...yes, Chett- what can we surmise from this
poor devil's sudden exit stage left, before the
final bloody death scene so brilliantly scripted
by RA, Patrique and yourself had fully played
itself out to the assembled audience?

I must admit that I pitied the fool and his
pathetic attempts to garner sympathy and
understanding from this list's Denizens of the
Dark. Like Dante descending into to the Inferno,
Chett has emerged back to the surface only mildly
singed, but alas, without his fair Beatrice in
hand. I predict he will return under a different
moniker, but will be easily identified despite
his alias given his characteristically unctuous
postings. We shall see...

On a possibly related note...
Wherefore derive you, a self-professed Voodo-
Billy Man, such effortless conversational
knowledge of that quintessentially "eighties"
British pop combo The Smiths? Careful, my good
man, or you run the risk of invoking the wrath of
Patrique and the contempt of Lady Di with such
musical associations. As for me, well, I will
simply quote Christopher Rock from his brilliant
and by now classic repartee on OJ
Simpson: " I'm not saying what he did was
right - but I understand..."

Simplistically Yours,

: P.S.- Hey, Chancaca!, what were the odds on
: fag? It's Sunday and my bookie's not answering
: his phone(the drunk asshole). Looks like I owe.
: The fuckin' sissy...I thought this joker
: at least been strung along until maybe next
: Get in touch and lemme know.

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