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Posted by Patrick on March 04, 2001 at 19:40:24:

In Reply to: No! Please don't go!!! posted by YDSM on March 04, 2001 at 16:24:13:

...Um, YDSM? We don't give out the sockpuppets to
new welcomes anymore. It was a money loser and
the Deadbolt Human Resources Dept. now has
decided to go with giving out those baseball caps
with the little stuffed fur cat/tiger ears sewn
on them, with the little mini-tail hanging off
the back. On the cap's visor it reads, "Deadbolt!

: : Well, I have learned nothing about Deadbolt
: during the last week of reading this bulletin
: board that I didn't already know. You people
: sick and twisted and probably ride Harleys
: thinking you look real cool, but you're not!
: Probably just a bunch of fat middle aged
: alcoholics with home-made tatoos who are tone-
: deaf!
: : Only so much abuse I should take - don't
: replying to this, because I'm removing you from
: my browser's "favorites" list.
: : Dumbasses!
: : -Chett-

: You're quitting now right before you were about
: to make the cut and be welcomed into the club.
: Damn. So close...I was counting on you, Chett.
: had faith in you, brah. Patrick even had a
: Deadbolt voodoo decoder ring personally-
: with "Chitt" made up and everything, not to
: mention the official Deadbolt Fan Club-embossed
: cape, ready to priority ship to your door. And
: hope you know, Chett, you just threw away your
: chance at ownership of an official Hasbro 1996
: set of Deadbolt sockpuppets. Your name's gonna
: taken off the lottery list. And now you're
: quitting and running back to King Crimson.
: Why? ...Oh well, I guess it's just fate
: preventing us from maintaining top-shelf status
: on your browser's illustrious "favorites" list
: (sobs). It's folks like you, Chett, yes YOU,
: make us so jaded. I hope you're happy. Is there
: any possible way we can talk you into staying?
: Please, please, please let us know.

: Sincerely hoping, wishing, praying Chett
: his mind-

: P.S.- Hey, Chancaca!, what were the odds on
: fag? It's Sunday and my bookie's not answering
: his phone(the drunk asshole). Looks like I owe.
: The fuckin' sissy...I thought this joker
: at least been strung along until maybe next
: Get in touch and lemme know.

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