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Posted by Stuart W. on February 18, 2001 at 22:42:23:

I'm pretty new here,, and I just wanted to say that I enjoy all the antics and fun you guys seem to have. Deadbolt is a fun band, so I understand how their attitude rubs off on you and how you all use it to blow off steam and stuff. It's great!
I was just wondering - do any of you have any music tips for me and a couple of friends who are trying to start a band with some of that Deadbolt-type vibe? Like, what kind of guitar processing and stuff Harley uses, and how they reverb the vocals. I've only been able to find their last two albums here where I live, so I guess I should find their older ones at CD Now or somewhere and study them a bit. I don't think the band members would be too keen on answering me, but you guys seem to know allot about them.

Anyway, thanks for any feedback. Maybe when we get good enough, we can send the website some tapes, and they can start a tribute page with some wav. files or something. Just an idea.
Bye for now!
Stuart Wescott
Bartlesville, OK
(I play lead guitar and sing)

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