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Posted by Vermin on February 19, 2001 at 14:23:41:

In Reply to: Music Tips posted by Stuart W. on February 18, 2001 at 22:42:23:

Fender tube amps, single coil pickups,cheesy
assed (By todays tech. standards anyway...)
guitars, the more high-tech you go-the further
away you get from the sound.
You can get Silvertone/Danelectro vintage guitars
for a song on ebay...lipstick tube
If you plan on NEVER selling it, replace the
tuners, they downright suck.

: Hi:
: I'm pretty new here,, and I just wanted to say
that I enjoy all the antics and fun you guys seem
to have. Deadbolt is a fun band, so I understand
how their attitude rubs off on you and how you
all use it to blow off steam and stuff. It's
: I was just wondering - do any of you have any
music tips for me and a couple of friends who are
trying to start a band with some of that Deadbolt-
type vibe? Like, what kind of guitar processing
and stuff Harley uses, and how they reverb the
vocals. I've only been able to find their last
two albums here where I live, so I guess I should
find their older ones at CD Now or somewhere and
study them a bit. I don't think the band members
would be too keen on answering me, but you guys
seem to know allot about them.

: Anyway, thanks for any feedback. Maybe when we
get good enough, we can send the website some
tapes, and they can start a tribute page with
some wav. files or something. Just an idea.
: Bye for now!
: Stuart Wescott
: Bartlesville, OK
: (I play lead guitar and sing)

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