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Posted by Vermin on February 20, 2001 at 07:58:13:

In Reply to: Re: Music Tips posted by Vermin on February 19, 2001 at 14:23:41:

So you missed the part about the Silvertones?
I LOVE those old things, but they are STILL
cheesy assed guitars....
Ever try and do some fine bridge adjustment on
one of those things?
Ever try to raise ONE string to get rid of a fret
Did you see the phrase "By todays tech standards"?
Lets go on to the part where I mentioned
replacing the tuners....not just on Silvertones
I hate vintage tuners that bind....ESPECIALLY the
Silvertone tuners, although Fender
tuners,depending on the model, can be just as bad.
You try to downtune, you turn the tuner, it goes
click,click,click, then it finally gives and the
string drops down like 3 steps and you have to
tune it UP again, hopefully close, otherwise you
start the process all over again.
Yes lube helps, but on friction tuners it can
also mean a big headache.
Vintage Fenders are WAY overpriced anyway.
(Don't get me wrong, I love the sound of 'em!)
This is caused by "investors" who don't PLAY the
friggin' things, just stick them in a vault
For them,it's not about the guitar, it's not
about music, it's about MONEY.
Kinda like what the Yuppie market did for Harley
Davidson motorcycles.
Yeah the new HD chrome and neon boutique look is
for BIKERS!?!?!More like CEO's who couldn't bear
to get a drop of oil on their Armani's, but, I'm
Yes, reread my post, especially the part
I NEVER said I didn't love 'em.
You made that part up on your own.
(Who has owned Fenders, Gibsons, Silvertones,
Danelectros, Pearls, Stellas, all sort of CHEESY

Fender tube amps, single coil pickups,cheesy
: assed (By todays tech. standards anyway...)
: guitars, the more high-tech you go-the further
: away you get from the sound.
: V
: Oh-
: You can get Silvertone/Danelectro vintage
: for a song on ebay...lipstick tube
: pickups....ohhh....shivers.
: If you plan on NEVER selling it, replace the
: tuners, they downright suck.

: : Hi:
: : I'm pretty new here,, and I just wanted to
: that I enjoy all the antics and fun you guys
: to have. Deadbolt is a fun band, so I
: how their attitude rubs off on you and how you
: all use it to blow off steam and stuff. It's
: great!
: : I was just wondering - do any of you have any
: music tips for me and a couple of friends who
: trying to start a band with some of that
: type vibe? Like, what kind of guitar
: and stuff Harley uses, and how they reverb the
: vocals. I've only been able to find their last
: two albums here where I live, so I guess I
: find their older ones at CD Now or somewhere
: study them a bit. I don't think the band
: would be too keen on answering me, but you guys
: seem to know allot about them.

: : Anyway, thanks for any feedback. Maybe when
: get good enough, we can send the website some
: tapes, and they can start a tribute page with
: some wav. files or something. Just an idea.
: : Bye for now!
: : Stuart Wescott
: : Bartlesville, OK
: : (I play lead guitar and sing)

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