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Posted by Patrick on February 24, 2001 at 21:02:52:

In Reply to: Deadbolt music equipment posted by Meat on February 23, 2001 at 22:15:33:

...You've been reading too many Guitar Trader
ads. Also you forgot the part about the digital
voice relay inhancer/filter and the ARP / Moog
onstage keyboards they use to process actual tiki
native sounds.

: The members of Deadbolt play guitars based on
: their separate endorsements:

: The lead guitarist plays an '87 Jackson w/ EMG
: humbuckers through a solid state Marshall 900
: series stack with an Eventide H3000 digital
: effects processor.

: The rhythms guitarist plays a BC Rich Warlock
: with Seymour Duncan "super sustainer" pickups.
: He uses an Alesis digital phase shifter and
: patches into his Morely "Jimi" Wah-wah peddle.
: His amp is a Crate 666 series "just like tube"
: amp.

: The bassist uses an Ibenez Steve Via bass model
: with 7 strings through a GK 8000 amp.

: The drummer plays a Roland TR808 through a
: drumKat pad set.

: Keep in mind, you will never get the Deadbolt
: unless you get the same kind of gear. Whatever
: you do, DON"T BUY USED GEAR!!! It's amazing
: people will try to rip musicians off. Good
: luck. Hopefully I'll see you on the Grammy's
: some day!

: -Meat

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