OK, assholes...

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Posted by Diana Death on February 15, 2001 at 02:06:21:

In Reply to: R.A. Has Spoken... posted by Chancaca on February 14, 2001 at 20:46:15:

Where before I was merely a bit freaked out by
these very odd messages from total strangers, I
am now actually quite pissed off.

Anyone who talks shit to my esteemed colleagues
deserves to die. I am not at all surprised that
R.A. said something in my defence; Deadbolt is a
strange clan, much like the twisted family in The
Hills Have Eyes, and we tend to stick up for one
another. Tis only natural. In fact, I'd feel
something was awry if none of them said anything
at all.

Several times, I have spoken out in defence of
the guys, and have never been accused of
machismo. It seems equally ridiculous that any
of them would be accused of this.

Although it likely will go over many of your
heads,the mutual loyalty we express has NOTHING
to do with sexual ownership (for the record, I am
not now, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever
be, Anybody's Woman. I belong only to myself.)
Just cos I happen to be a female, and Robert a
male, does not necessarily mean that any sexual
relationship-type dynamics have to be involved.

Why the fuck do I bother trying to explain these
things? It's not as if anybody really gives a
shit, nor understands, anyway.

Go ahead, rip me to shreds if you want, I can
laugh at all of you and take it. But, I cannot
tolerate any rudeness toward my dear colleagues.
I ought to do away with you rude motherfuckers in
the manner of my beloved Dr. Hannibal Lecter,
except that I don't think any of you would taste
very good.

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