R.A. Has Spoken...

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Posted by Chancaca on February 14, 2001 at 20:46:15:

Most Gracious Friends and Detractors:
Your humble servant Chancaca has received, in no uncertain terms, certain stern admonishments from Mr. R.A. MacLean that cannot go unheeded. For this reason I come before you all to declare my position: I renounce, now and for all future times, any pretense to claiming/winning/stealing dark the heart of the fair Miss Diana Death.

It saddens me greatly to admit this defeat, but it remains the only correct and virtous course of action for me to take. Yes, Mr. MacLean's studded leather persona has won over my own genteel brushed linen portege'. His four-string sonic assault has bested my own gentle poetic thrusts at the heart of the Death Queen. His lust for the basest fermented barley spirits has eclipsed my own affections for that most civilized of imbibtions, the Mint Julep! Woe that She could (or would) not distinguish among them and choose me!

Take her , R.A., and do with her what you will! I do not wish you any misfortune, nor do I hold any rancor against you! She is a sassy one indeed, and you may tame her yet!

Miserably Yours,


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