Wrong again meat

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Posted by Patrick on February 17, 2001 at 17:08:05:

In Reply to: :RE "Meat, it's not just for dinner!" posted by Meat on February 17, 2001 at 16:32:13:

...You barbequed butt-brain. It's not me at all!
How am I supposed to post at 1:00pm on the 16th
from my work, or some of those other times? Like
I would do that. 1) I know chasing DD around on
this board is exactly the way to alienate her. 2)
if I did want that, I'd get off my ass and finish
my DD site. Actually, I was at Fry's picking up
connectors to attach my turntable to my computer
just yesterday to get moving on that. And 4) You
think my english is half as good as Chancaca's?
Huh! I wish!

Now get out of my nose. I'm working on some
documentaton and I'm tired of alt-tabbing over

You worthless Jiffy-Pop head.


: You're such a give-away.

: : Only a complete *internet geek* would say
: *that*.

: Indeed.

: : Also tell me where you got that black studed
: : leather pocket protecter with the biker chain
: on
: : it.

: Meat does not wear biker clothes. Or pocket
: protecters. Old Navy and Gap, my man, Gap.

: : "Meat, it's not just for dinner!"

: (In my best Butt-head voice:) Uhhhhhh. Ok.
: : : Chanaca is Patrick. Even a non-computer
: : : like me can figure that w/o scanning
: : : routes.

: : : For shame

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