She Loves Me Not...

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Posted by Chancaca on February 12, 2001 at 11:30:47:

Well, It was bound to end in tears! I guess Miss Diana isn't really as hip, cool and "evil" as she'd like to make everyone believe. Yeah, maybe kind of "pseudo-evil" or even "quasi-hip.", to borrow a phrase from a popular movie that shall remain nameles, but in a "plastique", kinda' "made for FOX TV" sort of way.
Diana, you are a petulant little one, aren't you? A bit over the top and self-righteous, now are we? What I find creepy is not so much my transparent caricature of a "southern gentleman" enfatuated with a "wayward lady," but your actual belief that this was a legitimate proposal of some sort. Damn, I must be good with the written word...either that or your own exaggerated and over-inflated self image has blinded you somewhat. Step out of the klieg lights, woman! I'm pretty sure that YDSM, Patrick and RA "got" the parody in it all, but given your latest posts and the "fear" you profess to have experienced at my "advances", I have no desire to distress you any further. So please click on the response button and tell me to "fuck off", etc., etc., etc. Pity, because I was about to start submitting a new series of "dark love notes," all written as haikus. Something like this, perhaps:

Dark nails and black lips
Chanting deathly dirge of doom
Shit! mascara's smeared!

Yours in Shame,


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