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Posted by YDSM on February 12, 2001 at 15:28:43:

In Reply to: Re: She Loves Me Not... posted by Dr. Drag on February 12, 2001 at 14:44:19:

: Fearful Diana
: Spurns Chancaca's love pleas
: Sadness penetrates

You get an A for effort, Dr. Drag, but sorry to
say you must remember Haiku's rule is 5-7-5
regarding syllables.

: : Well, It was bound to end in tears! I guess
Miss Diana isn't really as hip, cool and "evil"
: she'd like to make everyone believe. Yeah,
maybe kind of "pseudo-evil" or even "quasi-hip.",
: borrow a phrase from a popular movie that shall
remain nameles, but in a "plastique", kinda'
: "made for FOX TV" sort of way.
: : Diana, you are a petulant little one, aren't
you? A bit over the top and self-righteous, now
: we? What I find creepy is not so much my
transparent caricature of a "southern gentleman"
: enfatuated with a "wayward lady," but your
actual belief that this was a legitimate proposal
: some sort. Damn, I must be good with the
written word...either that or your own
: and over-inflated self image has blinded you
somewhat. Step out of the klieg lights, woman!
: pretty sure that YDSM, Patrick and RA "got" the
parody in it all, but given your latest posts and
: the "fear" you profess to have experienced at
my "advances", I have no desire to distress you
: any further. So please click on the response
button and tell me to "fuck off", etc., etc.,
: Pity, because I was about to start submitting a
new series of "dark love notes," all written as
: haikus. Something like this, perhaps:

: : Dark nails and black lips
: : Chanting deathly dirge of doom
: : Shit! mascara's smeared!

: : Yours in Shame,

: : Chancaca!

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