Re: Armchair Bass Players

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Posted by Diana Death on January 31, 2001 at 21:09:34:

In Reply to: Re: Armchair Bass Players posted by Chancaca on January 31, 2001 at 17:16:50:

: Madam! I am surprised and distressed at your
: of civility towards a fellow connoisseur of
: musical genre! Were it not for my impeccable
: manners and gentle dispositon, I would be
: inclined to subject you to a verbal lashing the
: likes of which you would not soon forget!
: Deeply offended, et. etc....
: Chancaca!

Well, when one takes it upon oneself to so
pompously and arrogantly dissect the bass playing
"techniques" of my colleagues, I tend to get
rather pissed off. Honestly, your anal-retentive
complaints made you appear pathetic, not unlike
others who post here. Any given Deadbolt
recording session is guaranteed to be rife with
drunken debauchery, so you should hold your fool
tongue and be grateful that there weren't MORE
missed notes. Go scrutinise a Styx LP.

I, too, have been known to exhibit traits of
polite gentleness, but in cases such as this, I
figured I ought to eschew the formalities and get
right down to tearing you a new rectum. I'm
Aries; I can't help it. Besides, it's fun.

Any verbal lashings you would have had in store
for me would only have made me laugh. So, go
ahead, Chancaca, unleash your verbal wrath. I'm
curious to see what stuff you're made of.


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