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Posted by YDSM on February 01, 2001 at 19:28:17:

In Reply to: Re: You sher do talk funny, city boy... posted by chancaca on February 01, 2001 at 18:43:34:

: Most Gracious Mr. YDSM:

: You mistake me for an Englishman, kind sir, a
: faux-pas that I do not take kindly to. For
: edification, I am, however, a Southern
: of noble extraction - very much a patriot, and,
: though also a carnivore in the true sense of
: word, very much amused at your porcine
: emulations of dialogue from the classic
: film "Deliverance." I only hope that you have
: not truly taken such degenerate tendencies to
: heart, young fellow, for they can only lead you
: astray and cause you much pain, embarassment
: to your family, disgrace.

: To be fair, however, I must admit that I am in
: your debt for your pointing out, in such a
: fashion, my typographical errors. You see, it
: was fully my original intention to include a
: space between the letters A and H in the
: phrase "GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF, MAN!!" The space-
: bar on my keyboard, blast it to hell,
: malfunctioned. Yet, as an issue that I cannot
: this time prove, I must accept and endure your
: criticisms, as I am sure you would mine.

: Submissively Yours,

: Caca!

: : C'mon over heer...git now...git against that
: : tree, boy...hehe...gonna make you squeel,
: : boy...squeel like a pig! Squeeeeeeel, boy!!!

: : Seriously now, Chancaca, if you must play the
: : keeper of the Queen's good English, please
: : realize that you should have posted "GET
: OF
: : YOURSELF, MAN!!" rather than "GET A HOLD OF

: : You Don't Scare Me-
: : 10-10, dead buddy

You claim to be a proud Southern Gentleman yet
also a "patriot"??? Correct me if I'm wrong
(Maybe R.A. would know more about this) but
weren't proud southerners "seceshes" while
Unionists were termed patriots?

Anyways, Chancaca...I think this is now 2 for me,
none for you(and I don't spend an hour posting a
damn short story chock fulla 50-cent words). It's
all a matter of attention to detail...;).

Again...You Don't Scare Me-
"Don't beautify me because I'm hateful"-

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