Re: You sher do talk funny, city boy...

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Posted by chancaca on February 01, 2001 at 18:43:34:

In Reply to: You sher do talk funny, city boy... posted by YDSM on February 01, 2001 at 17:57:16:

Most Gracious Mr. YDSM:

You mistake me for an Englishman, kind sir, a
faux-pas that I do not take kindly to. For your
edification, I am, however, a Southern Gentleman
of noble extraction - very much a patriot, and,
though also a carnivore in the true sense of the
word, very much amused at your porcine
emulations of dialogue from the classic
film "Deliverance." I only hope that you have
not truly taken such degenerate tendencies to
heart, young fellow, for they can only lead you
astray and cause you much pain, embarassment and,
to your family, disgrace.

To be fair, however, I must admit that I am in
your debt for your pointing out, in such a timely
fashion, my typographical errors. You see, it
was fully my original intention to include a
space between the letters A and H in the
phrase "GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF, MAN!!" The space-
bar on my keyboard, blast it to hell,
malfunctioned. Yet, as an issue that I cannot at
this time prove, I must accept and endure your
criticisms, as I am sure you would mine.

Vindictively Yours,


: C'mon over heer...git now...git against that
: tree, boy...hehe...gonna make you squeel,
: boy...squeel like a pig! Squeeeeeeel, boy!!!

: Seriously now, Chancaca, if you must play the
: keeper of the Queen's good English, please
: realize that you should have posted "GET AHOLD
: YOURSELF, MAN!!" rather than "GET A HOLD OF

: You Don't Scare Me-
: 10-10, dead buddy

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