Poor Patrick

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Posted by Wouldn't you like to know. on February 21, 2001 at 07:48:01:

In Reply to: You Dumbfucks... posted by Patrick on February 20, 2001 at 23:41:29:

Are you sure it wasn't long winded, self-
congratulatory posts about how you're the punkest
motherfucker to ever walk the planet?

Maybe the sniveling, lapping at the heels of,
and, riding on the coat tails of other peoples
fame, aura you give off?

Maybe THAT had something to do with it?

CHILL me with the thought of your pouty face as
you read this
SPILL the beans on how many Deadbolt Real Dolls
you have on order.......
THRILL us all with another overblown explanation
of why you are so cool, and we, mere mortals, are

On second thought, don't, I haven't eaten yet.

: ...You Dumbfucks chased away HRG with your
crappy jokes.

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