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Posted by Patrick on January 18, 2001 at 00:33:09:

In Reply to: punker than thou posted by HRG on January 17, 2001 at 18:09:56:

...HRG. You've been on this board too long to not
know I made that "mobile" post. I slipped up on a
few words, and ya let me have it. So. I gots ta

...Jesus Christ...It looks like the power grid
still hasn't failed over Los Angeles. You know,
imagine this: the Bugs Bunny Looney Toons music
is playing, your face is in the middle of the
screen, and instead of those concentric Tide
detergent-like rings behind you, there are
concentric anal sphincters, and the the
words "That's An Ass, Folks!" reads on top.
That's how you sound HRG. Punker Than Thou? New
Wave to the Grave? I don't think so Mrs.
Robinson. You know nothing. I lived that shit,
and it had nothing to do with any bandanas, or
Banana Rama's...It was about *dove gray*. Before
The Cure's black, before The Clash's camoflage,
before Oingo Boingo's bright ass colors and
primitive imagery, everything had to be dove
gray. That was the feeling on Melrose Avenue,
that's what Bowie and Spandau Ballet were into,
and that's what Bauhaus wore at the very start.
New Wave was about being front and center at
Ultravox and having Midge Ure hand you the gray
pick he was using to play his gray Telecaster.
New Wave was about seeing Romeo Void, a SF band,
not a Huntington Beach or *Orange County* band
play at The Spirit Club. It was about watching
the Untouchables play their signature percussion
and bass riffs while opening for Burning
Sensations, who would go onstage with the lone
guitarist always way over on the right of the
stage with a brimmed hat. New Wave was seeing The
Clash at Golden Hall, the Plimsouls three
times,watching 20/20 play "Yellow Pills", Exene
Cervenka of X sharing the mic with you when they
played "We're Desperate" as Billy Zoom wore his
silver leather jacket with and playing his silver
guitar. New Wave was getting your school locker
spit on because you had one sideburn blue and the
other green. New Wave was waiting till two in the
morning to watch Blondie go on Don Kirshner's
Rock Concert as some kind of freak side show as
DH lifted the toy robot to the camera, all to
give the Led Zeppelin fans something to laugh
about. New Wave was when Siouxsie refused to play
the West Coast, calling the entire scene out here
bogus. New Wave started out in black and white,
it then turned into colors. New Wave *turned
into* Adam and the Ants, it turned into The Cars,
it turned into the Cure, it turned into Pat
Benetar, it turned into trash bags, it turned
into a big ass market of sleeveless lavender
shirts, skinny leather ties, wearing marching
band shoes, and anything that you could buy at a
second hand store. It started as a tribute to
something America had in the Sixties before ten
minute long Ted Nugent songs, it turned into a
way for brits with casios to make a quick buck. I
never did see any goddamn bandanas. And...for the
part that you're gonna get force-fed
last? "Punker than thou"? Heh... yeah, right,
jesus, I fucking have to laugh. I have to laugh
because I know you're full of shit. You see... my
big sister faced with staying home with me, or
going with her friends, took me with her, as I
had been begging her for a month, to see the
Ramones' 1977 "Rocket to Russia" tour when they
played right there at San Diego State Univ. at
Montezuma Hall... And I screamed my ass off front
and center the entire solid show. What in God's
green earth are you talking about? And do you
even own a Lucky 7 CD?

I'm not going to sit here and toss in other bonus
points: like seeingan upstart Nine Inch Nails in
some small club on Clairemont Mesa Blvd that drew
only about fifty people max. or The Pixies three
times, because I'm hoping you get the message. must be terrible going through eternity as a

Okay, back to the usual Mom...It's more of an
expose' than directed to you in any way...ha.

The Black Baby Jesus With The X-ray Vision.

: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, WTF is Moshing? I never
: that term pre-90... I think it's a word Perry
: Ferral coined. When you talk of when punk was
: legitimate are you talking about NOFX? HA HA
: HA.

: As cheesey as it sounds it was called SLAM
: in the era you are talking about... unless you
: talking about The Huntington Beach Shuffle,
: get caught up in the koo-koo's nest!

: What was the worst was doing the Huntington
: Shuffle in the koo-koo's nest AT the Koo-Koo's
: nest and getting the various bandanas tied to
: legs tangled up in Ron Emery's studded jacket,
: which, then, causes you to be late for the
: of THE WALLY GEORGE SHOW you have tickets for.

: I know you are trying to be cute here... but
: ragging on *new* punk is like someones
: saying "that's not music" EVERY era thinks
: era punk was the most punk rock of any other
: Who gives a rats ass.
: New Wave 2 Da Grave,
: -HRG

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