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Posted by Angel Dust on January 19, 2001 at 19:06:37:

In Reply to: Re: puckered than thou... posted by Patrick on January 18, 2001 at 00:33:09:

: ...HRG. You've been on this board too long to not
: know I made that "mobile" post. I slipped up on a
: few words, and ya let me have it. So. I gots ta
: say...

: ...Jesus Christ...It looks like the power grid
: still hasn't failed over Los Angeles. You know,
: imagine this: the Bugs Bunny Looney Toons music
: is playing, your face is in the middle of the
: screen, and instead of those concentric Tide
: detergent-like rings behind you, there are
: concentric anal sphincters, and the the
: words "That's An Ass, Folks!" reads on top.
: That's how you sound HRG. Punker Than Thou? New
: Wave to the Grave? I don't think so Mrs.
: Robinson. You know nothing. I lived that shit,
: and it had nothing to do with any bandanas, or
: Banana Rama's...It was about *dove gray*. Before
: The Cure's black, before The Clash's camoflage,
: before Oingo Boingo's bright ass colors and
: primitive imagery, everything had to be dove
: gray. That was the feeling on Melrose Avenue,
: that's what Bowie and Spandau Ballet were into,
: and that's what Bauhaus wore at the very start.
: New Wave was about being front and center at
: Ultravox and having Midge Ure hand you the gray
: pick he was using to play his gray Telecaster.
: New Wave was about seeing Romeo Void, a SF band,
: not a Huntington Beach or *Orange County* band
: play at The Spirit Club. It was about watching
: the Untouchables play their signature percussion
: and bass riffs while opening for Burning
: Sensations, who would go onstage with the lone
: guitarist always way over on the right of the
: stage with a brimmed hat. New Wave was seeing The
: Clash at Golden Hall, the Plimsouls three
: times,watching 20/20 play "Yellow Pills", Exene
: Cervenka of X sharing the mic with you when they
: played "We're Desperate" as Billy Zoom wore his
: silver leather jacket with and playing his silver
: guitar. New Wave was getting your school locker
: spit on because you had one sideburn blue and the
: other green. New Wave was waiting till two in the
: morning to watch Blondie go on Don Kirshner's
: Rock Concert as some kind of freak side show as
: DH lifted the toy robot to the camera, all to
: give the Led Zeppelin fans something to laugh
: about. New Wave was when Siouxsie refused to play
: the West Coast, calling the entire scene out here
: bogus. New Wave started out in black and white,
: it then turned into colors. New Wave *turned
: into* Adam and the Ants, it turned into The Cars,
: it turned into the Cure, it turned into Pat
: Benetar, it turned into trash bags, it turned
: into a big ass market of sleeveless lavender
: shirts, skinny leather ties, wearing marching
: band shoes, and anything that you could buy at a
: second hand store. It started as a tribute to
: something America had in the Sixties before ten
: minute long Ted Nugent songs, it turned into a
: way for brits with casios to make a quick buck. I
: never did see any goddamn bandanas. And...for the
: part that you're gonna get force-fed
: last? "Punker than thou"? Heh... yeah, right,
: jesus, I fucking have to laugh. I have to laugh
: because I know you're full of shit. You see... my
: big sister faced with staying home with me, or
: going with her friends, took me with her, as I
: had been begging her for a month, to see the
: Ramones' 1977 "Rocket to Russia" tour when they
: played right there at San Diego State Univ. at
: Montezuma Hall... And I screamed my ass off front
: and center the entire solid show. What in God's
: green earth are you talking about? And do you
: even own a Lucky 7 CD?

: I'm not going to sit here and toss in other bonus
: points: like seeingan upstart Nine Inch Nails in
: some small club on Clairemont Mesa Blvd that drew
: only about fifty people max. or The Pixies three
: times, because I'm hoping you get the message.

: must be terrible going through eternity as a
: wannabe.

: Okay, back to the usual Mom...It's more of an
: expose' than directed to you in any way...ha.

: Patrick.
: The Black Baby Jesus With The X-ray Vision.

Sorry PattiCakes , but I saw the Ramones two nights before the SDSU show in Encinitas you little Johnny Rotten come lately!!!!....Their number one fan..........Angel

: PS.....I'm punker than you and if you dont like it, you can put it where the monkey puts the nut!
: : HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, WTF is Moshing? I never
: heard
: : that term pre-90... I think it's a word Perry
: : Ferral coined. When you talk of when punk was
: : legitimate are you talking about NOFX? HA HA
: HA
: : HA.

: : As cheesey as it sounds it was called SLAM
: : in the era you are talking about... unless you
: are
: : talking about The Huntington Beach Shuffle,
: Don't
: : get caught up in the koo-koo's nest!

: : What was the worst was doing the Huntington
: Beach
: : Shuffle in the koo-koo's nest AT the Koo-Koo's
: : nest and getting the various bandanas tied to
: your
: : legs tangled up in Ron Emery's studded jacket,
: : which, then, causes you to be late for the
: taping
: : of THE WALLY GEORGE SHOW you have tickets for.

: : I know you are trying to be cute here... but
: : ragging on *new* punk is like someones
: Grandfather
: : saying "that's not music" EVERY era thinks
: their
: : era punk was the most punk rock of any other
: era.
: : Who gives a rats ass.
: :
: : New Wave 2 Da Grave,
: : -HRG

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