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Posted by Patrick on March 08, 2001 at 00:21:56:

In Reply to: Smokin in the boys room posted by Andy Williams on March 05, 2001 at 18:25:56:

...You know, I can't believe this stuff is
dominating the Reuters and CNN news sites. I mean
is this shit really that important? I really
don't think so. They're turning the kid into a
celebrity. This gives Santee a terrible name. The
poor town already has those stupid ass gravel
semi's passing through it chipping everyone's
windshields, and hot ass weather in the summer. I
think it's a circus. And why are these little
shits always using fucking .22's for a goddamn
mass murdering spree. Yeah, right, "I wanna kill
as many as possible! I'm gonna use a .22 cal
pistol! Fucking bright idea! Better yet, I'll use
a fucking BB gun!" Where do these kids come from?
No wonder they eat shit on the S.A.T.'s:

Question 1) Little Andy is going on a shooting
rampage. Should he use the:
b)lawn darts
c)air powered pellet gun
d).22cal pistol needing reloading every 8 shots
e)AR-15 with duct taped dual 30 round magazines.

No wonder these kids can't get jobs these days.

: "Whys everybody always pickin on me?"

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