I pity the fool...

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Posted by YDSM on March 07, 2001 at 20:15:44:

In Reply to: Randy-Race posted by Chancaca on March 07, 2001 at 19:12:21:

: Sir:
: Because I feel so newly rejuvenated after my
: morning constitutional, I will honor your post
: with a reply despite knowing, deep in my heart,
: that you are but a small, insignificant and
: malodorous piece of organic detritus that was
: blown in by the wind and will shortly exit down
: the sewer drain into the septic tank from
: you originally emerged.

: You amuse me, sir, with your overblown macho
: posturings. Yet I find paltry evidence that
: words are anything more than the hormone-addled
: rants of a puerile adolescent with significant
: genter-role issues, an advanced oedipal
: painfully obvious anal stage fixation with
: gastrointestinal tract functions, and a lack of
: any real social and interaction skills.

: You, sir, are but a nematode with only
: superficial resemblance to members of the so-
: called numan race from which your parasitic
: tendrils derive their nutrients.

: Please sir, for the sake of this list's
: integrity, refrain from any further juvenile
: remonstrances and delineations of your sexual,
: social, digestive, aesthetic and species-
: inadequacies.

: As for your disagreement with my selection of
: Vaughn's performance in the aforementioned
: film "Swingers," I can assure you that his
: depiction of his assigned character was well-
: balanced, subtle, forcefull, and posessing of
: just the right amount of humor and wit to make
: him a credible "bad-ass" in the modern sense of
: the word.

: Next time you feel like banging your hairy
: knuckles on the computer keyboard, please at
: least provide us with ONE actor that YOU feel
: merits the label of "Classic Bad-Ass." James
: Cagney was one such individual, I agree. My
: omitting him (and many other worthy candidates)
: from my list in no way implies such list was
: definitive. Any child could see that, my boy.

: Now back to your room, nit-wit. Mommy and her
: boyfriend are likly to be driving up any minute
: now, back from the Cineplex after taking in the
: matinee showing of "Chocolat." They probably
: brought you some gummi bears as a reward for
: being such a good boy. If they only knew....

: Yours Indifferently,

: Chancaca!

: : Thank you for proving, without a doubt,
: that
: : you are a complete moron w/ the most narrow
: scope
: : of cinema and slick bad guys.

: VAUGHN!?!?!?!?
: : Even if you saw him in "Welcome to
Paradise" ,
: in
: : which he still could not be considered a
: villain,
: : I can't believe you put him on a list with
: : other pop and palatable puff actors. Have you
: : ever thought of seeing a movie before 1960?
: Era's
: : in which bad guys didn't have the luxury of
: : method acting and psycho-analysis and
: : of tape of greatness that went before them
: : which to benefit, and this was when everyone
: : needed a bad guy, one bad
: :
: :

: : FUCKIN SWINGERS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
: : You probably even finished that movie! I
: : stand to even type that fuckin word because
: : that shit. I don't even want to waste any of
: the
: : few adjectives I know on creating a sentence
: : describing to you what tripe that is. Since
: : appear to like digestible easy-to-explain-to-
: : bubble-heads-in-bars movies, try anything w/
: : Cagney. I'm sure even you have heard of
: :
: :

: :

: : P.S. From what I've read, the best way to
: : caca off your chin is to have your "partner"
: wipe
: : his ass before you suck his balls. Unless
: you're
: : into that.

...who dares enter BBS combat with Chancaca. By
the way, you guys forgot the interminable Mr. T.


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