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Posted by Chancaca on March 07, 2001 at 19:12:21:

In Reply to: chin caca posted by randrace on March 07, 2001 at 16:26:43:

Because I feel so newly rejuvenated after my
morning constitutional, I will honor your post
with a reply despite knowing, deep in my heart,
that you are but a small, insignificant and
malodorous piece of organic detritus that was
blown in by the wind and will shortly exit down
the sewer drain into the septic tank from whence
you originally emerged.

You amuse me, sir, with your overblown macho
posturings. Yet I find paltry evidence that your
words are anything more than the hormone-addled
rants of a puerile adolescent with significant
genter-role issues, an advanced oedipal complex,
painfully obvious anal stage fixation with lower
gastrointestinal tract functions, and a lack of
any real social and interaction skills.

You, sir, are but a nematode with only
superficial resemblance to members of the so-
called numan race from which your parasitic
tendrils derive their nutrients.

Please sir, for the sake of this list's
integrity, refrain from any further juvenile
remonstrances and delineations of your sexual,
social, digestive, aesthetic and species-related

As for your disagreement with my selection of Mr.
Vaughn's performance in the aforementioned
film "Swingers," I can assure you that his
depiction of his assigned character was well-
balanced, subtle, forcefull, and posessing of
just the right amount of humor and wit to make
him a credible "bad-ass" in the modern sense of
the word.

Next time you feel like banging your hairy
knuckles on the computer keyboard, please at
least provide us with ONE actor that YOU feel
merits the label of "Classic Bad-Ass." James
Cagney was one such individual, I agree. My
omitting him (and many other worthy candidates)
from my list in no way implies such list was
definitive. Any child could see that, my boy.

Now back to your room, nit-wit. Mommy and her
boyfriend are likly to be driving up any minute
now, back from the Cineplex after taking in the
matinee showing of "Chocolat." They probably
brought you some gummi bears as a reward for
being such a good boy. If they only knew....

Yours Indifferently,


: Thank you for proving, without a doubt,
: you are a complete moron w/ the most narrow
: of cinema and slick bad guys.

: Even if you saw him in "Welcome to Paradise" ,
: which he still could not be considered a
: I can't believe you put him on a list with your
: other pop and palatable puff actors. Have you
: ever thought of seeing a movie before 1960?
: in which bad guys didn't have the luxury of
: method acting and psycho-analysis and mountains
: of tape of greatness that went before them from
: which to benefit, and this was when everyone
: needed a bad guy, one bad

: FUCKIN SWINGERS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
: You probably even finished that movie! I can't
: stand to even type that fuckin word because of
: that shit. I don't even want to waste any of
: few adjectives I know on creating a sentence
: describing to you what tripe that is. Since you
: appear to like digestible easy-to-explain-to-
: bubble-heads-in-bars movies, try anything w/
: Cagney. I'm sure even you have heard of

: P.S. From what I've read, the best way to keep
: caca off your chin is to have your "partner"
: his ass before you suck his balls. Unless
: into that.

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