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Posted by Patrick on March 05, 2001 at 00:58:13:

In Reply to: Harvey Keitel & Friends posted by Chancaca on March 04, 2001 at 23:11:14:

...Fem Fatales? Okay, I can't keep this one back.
And I will take shit for it. Some here may know
of my Jan Brady fixation, but that's like a
front, like a qualude freak that says he drinks
to cover it up. My real nuerosis is Doris Day.
Today I forked over even more cash for a very
good condition Doris Day's Greatest Hits. Not
that I don't have another copy of Doris Day's
Greatest Hits, but this was the one with the
orange, yellow, and white cover. Worse, I'm very
seriously thinking of bidding a +$3,000 bid on
the dress she wore in 'Caprice' (1967) that's up
for sale. I really want one of her outfits
from 'Please Don't Eat the Daisies' or 'Glass
Bottom Boat' but this will do:
It's a sickness. It eats away at my brain, and it
takes up all my money. I need help. It's not
normal to fantasize over Sixties Actress' dressed
in matching yellow pastel dress suits with a
matching yellow pastel hat. I'm looking at my
newly purchased Doris Day record thinking that
you think this is all bullshit but it's not. It's
really true. I'm really fucked up about this. I
shouldn't have posted this...

...Samuel Jackson on the phone with that big boss
concerning Mr. Wolf: "Oh you negro! You got the
goddamn Wolf coming out? No fucking shit? Just
for us? The Wolf? Why didn't you just say so
negro!" That was way too funny.

: Speaking of Mr. Wolf /Harvey Keitel and
classic "villains with class", other contemporary
actors in my own personal pantheon of "bad-ass-
ness" include:
: 1. Mickey Rourke (oh how, as a young lad
back in
: the 80's,I wished I could have been him
: Kim Bassinger in 9 1/2 Weeks..)
: 2. Christopher Walken (I thought he was cool
: before you did, DD)
: 3. Gary Oldman ( take 'yer pick: "Sid &
: "Romeo is Bleeding," "The Professional...")
: 4. Vince Vaughn - the only movie I've seen
him in
: is "Swingers" - but he was SO MONEY, baby!
: 5. Gene Hackman - sure, now he's old, but in
: "French Connection" and "The Conversation"
: re-defined cool intelligence and grace
under pressure.

: All these other guys - George Clooney, Richard
Gere, Bradd Pitt, Keanu Reeves, et. al: WANKERS,

: Coming Next Week on Chancaca's "Inside the
Actor's Studio":
: "-Femme Fatales You Would Kill For - "

: Nostalgically Yours,
: Chancaca!

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