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Posted by Johnny Wizard on March 03, 2001 at 14:49:21:

Just Another Day In Paradise

Hey, how have you been? So, I've been thinking I
should spell out some more words about this taxing toll
on our living standards. There is no lower authority
in throughout our entire eternal universe than myself
on behalf of God as John. Now this doesn't mean you
have to like me, or disagree with everything we ever
did, or worshiped as the devil. Although, I really
believe you are the best thing around. Your personal
private relationship with yourself, has very little of
anything to do with me as the lowliest of the low. You
can lend yourself support or direction through
yourself, you being your own cause for existence,
naming yourself rightly a creator in this causeless
continuum, but we'd imagine this is rare, being that
fear of judgement seems our biggest obstacle, or that
you don't believe you know that your reading as of this
I am doing as ourselves. This is true as you are.
Now, as you, that I know this, makes it so. This is
not theft, but life as living is sharing with all. If
you understand this, you don't and your dreaming. Like
everything as we are is alive and surviving. This is
going allot slower than we anticipated. I am stranger
that you thought I know I guessed it shows you what?
Are you afraid I'm living out your doom? God seems to
tick some people off occasionally, but oh well, all is
the same, so what is going on then expert? I'm only
just living here as John remember. All the eternal
universe presides inside yourself with a potential
heaven or hell. Who doesn't know the hell of trying to
have a day that never starts ending off right? Or
the... or the.. well, you know. There is always room
to change your mind and position, leaving nothing
permanent but changes, leaves somethings rarely if ever
that never change, like the completion of this circle.
Come hell or high water, our nature will make it
through this life smiling. And conflict, as with
serenity, is always a potential with the relationships
we have with others, or just with ourselves. No one
leads me nowhere more than myself sometimes, but I know
who I am when life let's me know I'm loved, privately
when no one is watching and I'm comfortably sleepy. My
big pal, who is super wild and truly wonderful. That's
me. What we give to others is what we receive from
ourselves, with more to give than we can handle. I
can't help but live. Never will I need feel lonely
again, because your gonna be here for us to celebrate
your wonderfulness as God for eternity, even if I
mysteriously disappear somehow differently, I'll still
be loving ya, because I do now forever as it is. I did
do done it! You know it's true. I think I'm gonna
give myself a big hug for eternity, because our
universe is just so special and amazing. Move along,
nothing here. So, ahhh, well, back to work. All world
decisions that I find a disagreement with as a member
of the public, from those who provide us no arguement
to their ignorance for us all, or just you personally,
like from the unelected by us people Mr. Bush, or Mr.
Greenspan and the private world bankers, will be met
with an accuracy unparalleled beyond our
comprehensions, by us reading together just this simply
as a dream through fiction is really. This communist
nazi secret american government is geared for the
profit of a few private bankers at all our losses, and
sell out everyone's soul for a nickel republicans, at
the expense of our suffering as all the publics.
Capitalism is as relative form of governance, not
slavery through serfdom. We've already paid for those
public utilities, and those trees are alive. Private
profit off of our transaction charges, or our public
spending being done privately in secret, is a joke, and
should be recognized near criminal, being a collective
display of our ineptness to govern ourselves in a
democracy. The USWA Federal Reserve Account National
Task Force, has this story covered from God to the
masses, and is ready to talk with us as a civilization.
I wish to be publicly addressed as a private citizen
with legitimate concerns about my equal rights as a
living being like anyone as anything, and oh ya,
Creator of the Universe who has made some stupid
mistakes on purpose accidentally. God couldn't help it
sometimes as you fortunately, or unfortunately,
depending on how you look at nothing as yourself for
something as here in everything as possible, while not
existing truly for real, dreaming in what can not be
described. So here we are, or not, because we have to
blame somebody for something wrong right? An Oz of
hells and heavens, of injustices, miracles, wows, and
whatsoevers. I, being myself as this river of dreams
frozen through time, never finished started being, even
after what was understood in terms before, as an
ending, I am now as I was then always and forever,
transformed into a fantasy that is, if not as real as
reality is to you, reading this without me currently,
also as a starflower of the universe. Everything I do
is possibly done in a dream before I did it as this is
that way, like our universe is finite as cause and
effect with laws and order, coupled with the infinite
and our unquantifiable imaginations through chaos,
three dimensions, or sit thinking nothing without
purpose or because, lonely, boring, and impossibly
stupid now as it always was, we can't seem to help
ourselves from being dumb. (that's my machine modality
that brings me as John with God as light and shadow,
but you know, anyone would have exactly the same, and
nobody appears more mechanical than myself, as the
cyber geek from hydrospace.) Showing as life is to
ourselves, what this is as wonder. One being created
through God this plain and outright, makes our futures
a product of our visions to dream the impossible dream
by working for real at it. It can be more comfortable
to praise the majestic quality of the sea standing on
the beach if you can afford to still get there by
working twice as long as we need to. Any which way you
decide though, while trying for a good time as fun.
This is a difficult subject to comprehend, because we
can't, this question answers itself only through faith,
with your proof positive of being conscious, with an
ability to divide and times a space by line, or nine.
See, too many people count on me parting the blue sea,
or pulling fresh fish out of a hat from nothing. When I
am God sure, but just a simple poor man playing my part
for making a statement out proud. Magic enough. I have
covered all the major human challenges I have faced
over a thousand years in my last 39 or so sumed papers.
"Johnny's Last Stand", would be the one I'd suggest to
start with if your interested. While the book "The
World's Wasted Wealth" by John W. Smith, is still one
of my favorites. It's always been this or that. Some
of this living is so simple, it's baffling beyond
complexity. This relationship is the bestest, but a
struggle to find balance as God is nowhere around but
to yourself in reflections, never mind the parallel
universes, and mass as light that has no weight because
it's time to fly. (Or become swallowed by Mother
Earth.) But, we are getting better as gods, and we seem
to be our own best teachers. God as omnipotence is all
things to all people that does little of anything
outside of ourselves apparently, but I as John on the
other hand, am not and do. (I love a good story.) Now,
someone who takes more out of our economy, doesn't mean
that for every instance, that person provides more for
others, or sells things, quite the contrary. There are
some in America, who provide little of anything for
society as our suffering, like the man with a few good
ideas, Ross Perot, the public tax health care contract
swindler for his personal private property to hurt
ailing Americans, the secret defence and justice
Departments, California's district attorney's lethargy
for prosecution of the known criminals, the dumbest of
the dumb dumbs at the CIA, along with the publicly paid
for private nazi pharmaceuticals or, those corporate
professionals that expose the virtues of exploiting the
public for all they can take from themselves as the
viewer. To suggest those who take the most out of
American society, somehow, in all cases deserve to,
speaks of the ignorance of the privately represented as
the corporate not interesting as our publics or in
politics, of a country with the highest media rates
with the poorest ability to organize, compared with the
smaller is easier nations, who challenges are not so
great, nor hard to define. Just reduce things to the
kitchen table. Family of five who struggles from
paycheck to paycheck like most everyone, decides to
save up for something, maybe an emergency, by giving
little Alan the money to put in his piggy bank. A few
months down the road, dad asks for the families cash to
buy a washer. Alan say's he is the consecrated
investiture, and our denominates in his piggy is 60%
his as the public insurance broker does, despite
notwithstanding his owed interest accruing on top of
his aggregate, (allowance), charging you to hold on to
for himself during the term, who's coinage he has had
to bulwark with IOUs over the deposits of the dummies
with the deed to the house to cover the omitted
wherewithal, and if the family get's smart, or in
anyway stops giving our mammon to annex, Bush will send
in the military as our low wage, in bank debt brothers,
to slaughter the family like they did to the Kuwaitis.
Wherefore? Because American soldiers, as is Bush, are
keep deliberately drugged down and dumb as communists,
thinking to be proud killing repressed civilians like
yourself fighting for freedom against the unseen. God.
We must abolish flu shots completely. Look again, as
I've already outlined in several previous papers
repeatedly, Greenspan borrows Americans their own
assets, then charges us all interest only for his
private nazi war buddies, you know, the Axis from WWII.
Who slaughtered American soldiers fighting for hitler.
This is why every democratic country but America, has a
federal bank, and why all the nazis moved to our
continent to hide out after winning the war. Hey, I
knew hitler, my father knew hitler, and Jesus, you
Americans may be dumb, but Bush ain't no hitlers, yet.
Not that Greenspan ever has been challenged on his
rights in your private world by the corporations
standing in as your government, but the closest thing
to this that he offered a few months back was, well,
the congress let's me do it. Then some of these
goofers take donations from private banks with our
capital. Some. See how this works? To proclaim a nazi's
right to take the most from others by polluting our
shared living spaces, selling weapons around the world
to kill anybody, and poisoning our food supplies, is
typical of where America is in relation to all that is
alive. Brilliant, intelligent, fearless and brave is
who they are collectively represented in advertising,
without me even there publicly recognized now as the
creative Son of Nature, to do nothing but dance because
I've completed this journey already, but their so
dumbly chauvinistic as themselves through corporations,
with their idolatry for their worshiped death machines,
believing somehow will magically provide them eternal
life, that counts on them continuing to idly stand by,
to let Monsanto, and the Greenspan, private bull doze
plan, destroy them all. Look, these recent debt
payments totaling more than 700 billion dollars taken
out of health care. Who do you think cashed those
public living wage tax dollar checks? Who is this
country that has 700 billion dollars to loan now? How
much did it cost Greenspan to print up a few thousand
hundred dollar bills this year, or in nineteen thirty
four, or thirteen? Or press a computer key? Who? For
what? What is inflation? I guarantee less than 20,
some as labeled, popular people in the American
corporate entertainment news media scene, have any
concern for our interests, or are interested in serving
for you, the nation. Why? Because their really stupid
people wearing our colored jerseys. Reading sports
scores of every team in the world publicly to us all
every God loving day as winners for not lifting a
finger. "Dang right I am. They say America loves Mega
Lo Mart, and if we don't speak up, everyone will think
it's true. We got a put an end to the silence while
the whole world is watching. If you want out, get out
now." Hank - King Of The Hill. In Manitoba, our once
public telephone utility, now in the hands of a bunch
of criminals, is grossing out our money so fast, their
having trouble spending it, or hiding it. It is pure
insanity. They've spent close to a billion dollars
just this past year, 300 million dollars on a computer
system alone, their trying to get into everything but
kitchen appliances, and still will make a killing on
our losses, while continuing to demand increases with
our bill payments to shove into their private bank
accounts to leverage further more blood out of our
communities, with the pressure of our wealth through
humanity in Manitoba, driving them truly mad, leaving
them walking around now naked with their pants falling
off. You people have got to come and visit. We are
still screaming to put these bastards behind bars.
Stephenson give us back that million dollars or you'll
get what's coming to you. Then who will be to blame?
Our telephone, oops, I mean their telephone buildings
are now attempting to metamorphose into a fascist
oligarchy, who will soon, we're sure, demand recognized
status at the G7 by private vote, while trying to
obtain a World Bank load, finishing them off, ground
into the Earth to dust under our shoes. After recently
listening to Michelle Swenarchuk speaking on behalf of
Canadian's intelligence, through the Canadian
Environmental Law Association, I took these notes.
What is slavery, if not exclusive ownership over God as
a living being. We do not want private corporations
like Monsanto, who conduct their own Bio-Tech industry
to take our ownership, as theirs exclusively, for
nature's plants or animals that have been us, and ours,
for billions of years, working with the Earth by caring
for our souls. They are in violation with you and me
as us or them. Again, if you are in the military, or
know of someone who is, insure everyone receives this
paper outlining our positions. Greenspan is full of
crap. His nazi trillionaire partners screwing over our
market place are full of crap. Spend twenty minutes or
twenty years reading thousands upon thousands of
testimonials, affidavits, and books, from all walks of
people including Thomas Jefferson. Balanced with what?
The CIA's mindless propaganda for our United Nations?
Thanks again for living to be stupid you bunch of
dweebs. It would seem all the terrible crime they have
inflicted upon us all, has a good side now that they
are totally committed to sacrifice ourselves as Satan.
We will regain that two plus trillion dollars taken
from America for safe keeping these past twelve months,
thank you, and we as the world will stop nowhere to
track the rest of these funs down. How is it that
someone can not recognize we are in the know that is
what we wanna say. How? Why not allow you, a citizen
of humanity, to publicly discuss the disfunction of the
privatized federal reserve and it operation to destroy
itself? Why do you think the Federal Reserve is making
plans to buy up private properties with public funds
for selected, secretly though of course so we won't
know you know, private bankers masquerading as equal
citizens? Instead of, what, education, or universal
health care, for, you know, people? Programs for the
homeless, or instituting safe ocean dumping
regulations? Think about it. America's educational
system is being left to Bush's intelligence. No,
really, dang right, believably in fact, it is the case.
He wants to give away vouchers cashable to vultures,
maggots and preons, who say as us, "Hey, don't group us
with the dummy republicans!". Cause in effect. They
end themselves below the living. An unfaiir tax upon
us all, preventable by someone stepping forward and
saying, "You can't do that because we can tell you
why." Like CNN's propaganda about Cuba. Blatant lies
broadcasted around the world by an communist american
mayor. Who would be the federal reserve to spend the
public's money privately? Huh? This is the illiterate
american thing. Ya, we don't need no government
telling us what to do because we're dumbly being robbed
by not recognizing that the government is us as a group
called humanity being taxed as death. You know,
democracy? Right? See, you dumb Americans, the
government is not operating in your interests because
your allowing corporations to steal your prosperity
while republicans during Bush's address screamed ya
take us all for more, we're playing stupid and ignorant
beyond our own excuses, and we'll make sure of that,
you watch us move deliberately now with purpose against
ourselves, with our soldiers waking up and smelling the
coffee by recognizing this as the enemy. How is this
even really happening? I don't want to rock the boat
but Jeeze, this is better than it was in dress
rehearsal. What we, the people demand, is at no later
than January 1, 2005, all private banks will charge no
more than one percent for loans above the returns made
on our savings deposits, along with of course, no
charges for withdrawal or deposit fees on savings
accounts. If this is not implemented by the less than
human individual private banks stealing our money by
repressing us all here in North America with our own
currencies, regardless of how many private commercials
they have of us in a state of euphoria, the bankers
will have all their personal assets seized, and spend
the rest of their natural born lives in prison for
treason, or the presidents, and major board directors
will be tracked down and swallowed whole by my very
professional charges of time takers, or just some of my
new biker friends looking for a vice. Thanks people.
Why do you think our media experts, on your behalf,
refuse to cover the lottery corporations destructive
toll upon us all? They could cover the facts I've
provided, and provide you the public, their arguments
against us, but they don't. Why? Because, that my
friends is what evil is, and why they take us to wars
to kill ourselves by division, labeling us as
themselves, privately, and in secret, because they
claim you as of yet, don't trust yourself, or like
Bush, do not know elementary school maths. Like they
can only be, to get a corporate job to attack us as the
undefended, but strengthening public. Canada and
America's most prolific popular writers have no
syndicated columns. You have to almost aways be poor,
weak, and defenseless like themselves to sell their
souls to the sands through time. Sleeping through our
successes, and hiding from their failures. Tricked you
all I did just then, I was kidding, but seriously, this
fear thing you have for facts right now is kucfed.
Look, like I say, your the good guys, and we can't help
but love ourselves as we are, eternally innocent, and
loved by God. I'm sorry as John the human to rag on
some this way, but this is the only way to progress.
We can only wonder why people can't see were living in
our dreams, while these vermin steal from us all in
reality. Most the wealthy right wing fascist soul
destroying corporate media experts for example, as the
other side of this truth, justice, and liberty thing,
is a fraud perpetrated against yourself as one in unity
with our universe. Welcome to yourself my friends,
welcome to your fantasy island in dumpsville. We are
being stone walled by people with little facts or
reason to back up their mindless forms of suggestion,
that they work to impose on others by ignoring
ourselves. Our media owners continue to disallow
reporting on the criminal actions of the lottery
corporations that hurt our economy and even myself as a
gambler, demanding you believe I am asleep and dead,
when we are clearly as God, awake and ferocious. But
you know with darkness comes light, eventually. Those
responsible for the TRIP patent laws, chapter 11 of the
NAFTA agreement, and the individuals who suppressed
critical reports on the World Bank action in India,
along with several FDA officials, and claimed owners
for Maryland's Ethyl Corp., will be considered for
trial as instigators of crimes against humanity, to
serve the rest of their lives in prison, maybe. Did
you know the less than a handful of oppressors to
humanity, through the WTO's bogusly claim over your
authority, will now have more rights than every
American than Americans, Canadian than Canadians,
European than Europeans, Chinese than the Chinesians?
Also that this position against us all as nazi
american, is one where republicans stand short as
human? It's not because their brilliantly sinister,
it's because their truly dumb and can't see what they
are doing. The only thing stopping us from progress
are these checker pieces. You know, some times I feel
like I'm living in a movie. One who takes more from
society, takes more from society, and financial wealth
is far from synonymous with intelligence, or
humanitarianism, or what America is truly all about.
Shouldn't somebody know? People who are openly some of
the stupidest, wealthiest families who own your world
they say as their private property, apart from the
Earth on which you stand, and were born to. Hey, don't
take my word for it, they'll tell it to you too.
Proudly. Wow, life is so amazing. I've heard recently
that some American billionaires are organizing to
demand dumb dumb Bush tax them fairly as the living in
a waking state, but he's still out to lunch. He must
be an alien, no? You see, you can't say all
billionaires have bad folklore. But, you'd have to be
dumb almost past the point of belief to not recognize
Bush as a stand in for no one, or just our nature's
natural excuse for immaturity, because he is there
playing god knows what for who? He certainly doesn't
know. Did you see his pondering when commenting on
taking another's life in the debates as his decision
for the nation as God pretending? Innocent, yes, but
still an imbecile. Oh ya, and stupid. Again, strange,
but good people are still dying needlessly. We seem
all too afraid to offend anybody, or hurt our egos,
because God's a sock cucker. The wealthy corporate
media owners believe if they take more and more from
us, eventually, they'll change our ways and believe in
paying more back in our expenses, like what would
naturally be, in a free market economy of ideas, that
as of this year, does not exist because they are
refusing to listen to us who are alive and breathing
still awake and grooving. There are hundreds of
organizations with hard facts representing ourselves
against the destructive actions of the WTO, the World
Bank, the IMF and Monsanto, that go unheard from our
biased corporate news professionals. Republican minded
Americans like Bush who move at a different frequency
than the rest of us, stupidly believe that a private
banker deserves the same if not more of the public
government's windfall from our real sweat and labour,
over and on top of what they current take from us for
nothing, as the Texan in America earning less than a
living wage working all the time for at least
something, paying into Social Security and health care,
to flip the bill for the left unaccountable to anyone
in, or outside of government by the corporate news
experts, not covering the private war contractors
depleting the public funds. While Bush tells his
illiterate worshipers who vicariously live him as a
role model dreamin', "heck, that could be me up there
killing innocent people and calling the smart people
stupid without haven, a adjudication", Bush stated, he
doesn't think that social security is gonna last while
he let's strangers to us all, publicly deplete it.
While America's dumb dumb leader of no one informs his
blind worshipers if he doesn't give the assets to
Greenspan's friends, they'll spank him as the inept,
incompetent, doofus that he is like us but stupider and
powerless, wimpy, and untrained by the American
military nazi spies, who work against the interests of
the country and the world, who will be hunted down for
open questioning, guaranteed, by ourselves if left to
do this on our own because American soldiers we are
told are too far gone to think for themselves, to would
sometimes seem, like those billionaires who openly cash
government welfare checks such as Social Security's
locked box approach, with no one allowed to watch,
because everyone is so God damned dumb, but you just
can't all be like Bush possibly. He is the only
republican, the only one I know of, who in his obscene
stupidity for your concerns as only for his private
personal financial gain without a people's government,
or leader, openly with a public display against us all,
stated uncategorically, would not support a effective
treatment or cure for cancer, very much like his commi
friends at the FDA, who has received millions in
welfare, hates math because he can't add, or read,
doesn't have a clue who the government, or us as God
is, and, bleep blab blop. The next innocent person he
murders through the action of my authority, should
cause our media to at least ask why no? Then, we'll
see who's laughing. Or how about the popular, let's
just give timber and mining companies oodles and oodles
(hundreds of billions) of our living investments, for
no reason at all. None but for a make believe war
amongst themselves as the crime. It is outrageous that
Americans stand by left thinking they are so stupid
like this. Easy my friends, easy. Bush, how about you
invite me over, and call me all the names you want,
with the cameras going too if you say so, I'll even let
you kiss me if you promise not to tell anyone.
Americans are told to believe that their politicians
can, and are motivated by personal greed when making
decisions against the interests of the nation, instead
of what serves the interests of people, you know, God,
me, the King. The liberty, justice thing? The drug
and banking industries. In 1998, banking interests
lobbied republicans with over 90 million dollars in
bribes to reduce capital taxes on their takes, a
blatant attack on all to those who understand this
robbery that leaves these actors as treasonists to
yourself, depleting billions from all Americans,
working to continue the destruction of our trying to
become a free market economy being locked out by CNN as
wonderful. Why? Because it is the best. (Remember:
It begins with the first step.) A subsidy to the most
wealthy in America, on the backs of all the hard
working investors, or garbage picking collectors.
People who actually work for a living. I say, we scour
the earth to find the republicans responsible along
with the five private bankers, take back all our all
our money, and have them serve ten years in the work
force for change, at least, eh gang? I don't know,
what do you think? What needs to be done, is on a
issue by issue basis, corruption needs to be exposed
for what it is, albeit, by a necessary evil, or one
just really stupid and ignorant like John is as the
immortal God of gods that I am truly. Doubt is always
available for excuse, and the stupider you are, the
more obvious this is. With me, as John, the last tin
soldier. So, it is with reason, evil will be for sure
defeated. There is no sentient evil in the universe,
except for maybe Kline and Harris, nor a sentient God
outside of ourselves. To be of God, is to recognize
yourself, as a living being in a universe shared by all
with me as Lord for show. It's just me here as God
pretending, I am my favorite puppet. Evil is ignorance
and stupidity, just like the average republican is.
They are us, and I am Satan, a bad ass for sure, but
I'm also Jesus, being born as God of all things and
ideas, makes me sometimes as dumb as anyone can be
unfortunately. When Sharon in Israel says our land for
eternity over his terms, he fails to understand, our
land is your land too, me included. If he was asked
who is us, or Jewish, he would probably lose his mind.
When Bush speaks any threat made against the backdrop
to his nightmare vision of America that he is working
blindly to destroy through stupidity will be met
through the fear he tries to impose on others like
himself, he fails to understand we are of God, and as
our own soul providers are of creation is to ourselves,
leaves us to be, are one and only God ya have to love
ourselves, saviour of saviours, flying in for the pep
talks. We are amassing the largest army of love in the
history of humanity. (I leave a trail of death and
destruction second to none.) It's akin to all of a
sudden you waking up, or sleeping through your
awareness, then demanding to yourself as a life system
of Earths in this universe, you must pay yourself to
quicken your death, because I must be conscious, now
that everything is so alive as a screw everybody over
compassionate conservative is to themselves, just like
left wing counter-intelligence spies are really right
wingers in secret, because their stupid like
republicans. You know, it has been said, it's all like
one big KISS concert. Can you believe it? There is
going to be a real heaven on Earth! We need to track
down who personally made this trailing smoke statement
through the wind over Iraq, little Bush's excuse to
bomb people, while God's America tries to stand behind
a man who can't stand on his own as nobody. Why?
Because he say's he doesn't want to, but rightly, we
know it's because he really can't. He'll just call us
thinkers, the not understood other side of life and the
universe. But that's probably too much for him too.
Hmmm. Maybe he'll just proclaim, "The Alies are
here!". That would be smart, and right. But now,
because of his ego, may decide not to against the
better interests of us all together. Undivided. Pro
or con, with me as John loved or despised. Hey, I'm
here willing to talk publicly with all to take on any
challengers, he is not, nor does he see a need for us
to either. He can't get around unless he's pampered as
a pet and sheltered from his critics, as that is where
he rightly should be, back in school learning the
basics, not as a scapegoat for the military and defence
contractors out to kill us all like anybody. What does
he know about Social Security? What does he know about
rithmetic? History? Nothing, just a repeating
mindless broken record of deception and evil
perpetrated against all the American people. Like
republicans starting off with riting, then being told
they are Wong but can't deal with it because. Bush, I
really can be not so rude, if you'd just allow us to
get together over coffee to talk about where your
taking me. Again, me. You do not have my blind
acceptance in your competence, and your not the leader
of this world, I am. The second you speak against us,
the farther into your bottomless pit you will fall.
Although, you know, you can call yourself all the names
you want. Look, you have to admit, your are an idiot,
and know very little of anything, your foolish and
stupid, like me but better. Mr. Kline's world, here
in Canada, is an attack on the livelihoods of all
Canadians, and only through the cowardice of corporate
news experts, and himself, is he capable of continuing
his philosophy on his infallibility anti-Christ
position as only his private opinion to do so as the
public. Sounds like Tommy? He must be one of the
demons from biblical prophecy no? Who? He doesn't
even pretend to respond to our concerns anymore. He is
far more left wing than he ever was. He has the good
people of Alberta paying the wages and hundreds of
million dollar expense accounts with his garbage plan,
for his private commi buddies, who must and should go
to paradise too? No...? Mr. Stockwell Day has
brought up some good points about democracy, but
$800,000.00 for not facing a defamation suit? Who's
defamation? Kline runs a criminal lottery operation to
increase our crime rates by ourselves forced more
desperate, completely out in the open buying the
corporate news managers refusal to protect the public
who are terrified of nothing, nor grant me or many
others from Alberta who understand this issue with
voices. More people have petitioned against him than
register to vote. And you know, you can't petition the
Lord, because I am God. No wonder we're so screwed up
eh? Our world needs to be cleaned of dirt in our
governments. After reviewing a paper on coverage the
Washington Post has done covering the CIA recently, I
feel a partial apology from myself is in order. Here
is just a snippet of what that prestigious newspaper
has written over the last few years.

o The House of Representatives voted to raise the
entire U.S. intelligence community's budget to more
than $30 billion.

o 6 million people have died as a result of CIA covert
operations according to a Washington Post cited
estimate of The Association for Responsible Dissent

(you know, people fighting for justice, liberty,
universal health care, or environmental standards with
education, like we have in Cuba.)

o The CIA is still attempting to overthrow Saddam
Hussein. In spite of this $6 million covert operation
authorized by Clinton in January of 1996, the CIA
backed insurgents have been described as "gnats and
mosqitoes to Saddam rather than anything serious" by an
off the record intelligence agency official.

Well, hmmm. Just a reminder. I will be soon traveling
through state from state as the happy go lucky Reaper,
to address all those who wish to remain an advisory to
Gods. Our first stop will be Washington. I am willing
to discuss or debate publicly any of the positions I
have regarding our political condition. CNN should
cover this with an hour special on myself as the
world's biggest hssaole, because Jesus, we are the
rulers of our universe after all, and Mr. Turner, you
have to make this decision by yourself only. Or maybe
Mr. Bell with be interested, sure hope so, love the
programs. It's a God, Jesus, Satan, heaven or Hell
thing. Using words I hope to expose those who's
mindless opinions serve no one including themselves,
but take us as the innocent to wars to kill ourselves
as them secretly in private. Painless, and what can
be, a learning experience. Those that refuse to learn
their cowardly mindless actions, like those in hitler's
secret oops departments, who infringe on the liberty
and justice for us all, along with our planet, who
constitute a destructive force against yourself, will
be met by myself as I thead, with a historic score
tablet so believable, it boggles Theanthropictickly as

"For [the Great God] does not have a house, a stone set
up as a temple, dumb and toothless, a bane which brings
many woes to men, but one which it is not possible to
see from earth nor to measure with mortal eyes, since
it was not fashioned by mortal hands."

- Sybylline Oracles 4:8-11 (c. 100 C.E.)

"The adversaries of the LORD shall be broken to pieces;
against them he will thunder in heaven. The LORD will
judge the ends of the earth; he will give strength to
his king(ship), and exalt the power of his anointed."

- 1 Samuel 2:10

"We can not take away are rights to be stupid, but we
can learn."

- J. Wizard

"We have lingered long enough on the shores of the
Cosmic Ocean."

- Carl Sagan

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority,
it's time to pause and reflect"

- Mark Twain!?

"This kid may be the key to not all human potential,
but to all spiritual unexplained phenomenon, the key to
everything in the X-files."

- Mulder

"Imagination is the real and eternal world, of which
this vegetable universe is but a shadow, in which we
shall live in our eternal or imaginative bodies when
these vegetable mortal bodies are no more."

- William Blake

"I regret to say that we of the F.B.I. are powerless
to act in cases of oral-genital intimacy, unless it has
in some way obstructed interstate commerce."

- J. Edgar Hoover

A last closing stanza:

If anyone can provide us the names and addresses of all
or some of the board members and major share holders of
Monsanto and AstraZeneca, and of all who sit in with
OUR wto, I would be very thankful, as would yourself,
as God too as well. I think. Right?

See you sooner than never loves,

Johnny Wizard

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