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Posted by YDSM on March 02, 2001 at 20:35:01:

In Reply to: Re: Back to Basics posted by Chett on March 02, 2001 at 20:01:45:

: Hey, buddy - thanks for asking!
: Well, I used to be part of another internet
: discussion group that was dedicated to King
: Crimson ( was
: real informative. It kind of covered all types
: band-related stuff, like album reviews, tours,
: etc. The discussion group was pretty lively
: and dealt with all sorts of issues and
: and could get pretty heated and stuff.
: I learned allot about the band and which of
: releases were worth spending money on, and
: ones were good and not so good. Many people
: talked about lyrics and how they could be
: interpreted.
: So that's what I mean about learning. What do
: you think?
: -Chett-

: : : Can we keep the discussions relevant to
: zombie
: : twang, please?
: : : I'm here to learn!

: : : Chett

: : Quick question: Learn what?
: : YDSM

Um, ok. Let's see. As far as albums, tours, etc.,
most of that stuff can be found elsewhere on this
site or Patrick's(link to "other Deadbolt site"
under this site's links). Reviews(albums, shows,
etc.) can be found doing a simple search
of "Deadbolt" on any major search engine. As far
as issues and opinions- stick around. You'll
quickly learn that there are plenty of folks with
issues here, not to mention opinions. And it can
get pretty heated in here, also. As far as what
releases are worth spending money on- there's
only a handful of Deadbolt releases as it is, and
they're all good. Buy 'em. Lyrical
interpretation. That's a tricky one. Although of
course Deadbolt doesn't hold a candle to King
Crimson and their utterly profound lyrical message
(sarcasm indeed intended), do yourself a favor
and don't fry your brain trying to look for deep
meaning in "The Lucy Joke"(although a course or
two on African languages may help you enjoy your
Deadbolt listening experience more). And finally,
as far as "keeping the discussions relevant to
zombie twang", if you think about it most
everything we talk here is. Movies, guns, hot
senioritas, dead greasers, CB talk, Chancaca's
myriad aliases, Meat's gender question, D.D.'s
Anglonecrophilia, Patrick's butt/sandwich fetish,
etc.- it's all good relevant Deadbolt BBS subject
matter. Have a nice day.


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