Sorry YDSM

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Posted by Chett on March 03, 2001 at 10:37:08:

In Reply to: Re: HIPPIE GET OUT!!!!!... posted by YDSM on March 03, 2001 at 08:36:10:

I didn't mean to upse you either, YDSM. But you
just called me a fag - I'm not.

That thing about your "voice" was just a figure
of speach - you knew what I meant...why did you
have to slam me?

How come nobody should ever apologize to Patrick!
Maybe if we start showing him soe respect, then
he'' do the same, right?

Yeah, your'e right about that "progressive" stuff
I was saying (oh, sorry -"typing") - would you
then consider the word "hardcore" as appropriate
to Deadbolt?

Still Trying,

: First of all, bucko, it's YDSM, NOT DYSM. And
: could I possibly "reply to your questions in a
: civil tone of voice"? This is a message board.
: type shit here. How you heard my voice is
: me. Also, don't ever put me in ANY category
: a Russian(your prior post). I can see already
: your days here are numbered...

: "Sorry to upset you, Pat. I'm just trying to
: a good sport and stuff."

: Never, ever, ever apologize to Patrick, Chett.

: Oh yeah, and I won't argue with Deadbolt
: being "out there", but progressive?
: just a surf band with an creepy undertone. The
: guys are the first to admit there's nothing
: experimental or cutting-edge about the sound
: itself. Even the lyrics ain't that
: bizarre...Hasil Adkins, the Louvin Brothers and
: plenty of others before Deadbolt dealt with
: murder, mayhem, the macabre, crime, etc. in
: offbeat ways.

: King Crimson is for fags.

: Holding a severed hippie's the hair-

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