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Posted by Patrick on February 26, 2001 at 09:50:33:

In Reply to: Hey Fellas... posted by Dr. Johnny Fever on February 24, 2001 at 21:28:19:

...You might as well toss the Korean puppet. It's
really not worth fixing. Just the price of the
missing eye is going to run you half of what that
sock puppet is actually worth, no more than
$120.00. A vintage set of Deadbolt puppets is
going to cost about $4,500.00, and you won't find
any around here. Try the european markets, they
have been known to turn up in flea markets in
Paris. This is due to some deadbolt fans that
tour places like Paris and Morrocco that
accidently leave their sockpuppets in their hotel
rooms. The maid services usually just throw them
in the lost and found, which ends up in a flea

: ...Do any of you know where I can get a circa
1996 complete set of vintage Deadbolt sock
puppets? I only have the discontinued "Les Vegas"
sock puppet and it's missing an eye. Also, a San
Francisco expert in Sock Puppetry by the name of
Dr. J Peters,SP-PhD told me it was a Korean knock
off. Any buyers?

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