Re: "Note to myself: idea for next DB album"

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Posted by YDSM on February 24, 2001 at 23:57:12:

In Reply to: "Note to myself: idea for next DB album" posted by Chancaca on February 24, 2001 at 11:58:53:

: Ok, Ok...!!!
: What if....and far be it for me to claim any
artistic license for the Band, but - what if
Harley and R.A. and Tank and (Les?) and the rest
linked the voodoobilly thing up to a outlaw-
chinese-mafia kinda' theme? You know, like songs
about "Dr. Chu," the fat bastard that runs the
underground spices-n'-guns shop that also sells
preserved body parts that turn out to be from
frat boys who got a bit too drunk in his sleazy
Chinatown bar? Or a song about "Lai-Ling, the
Dragon Lady," a sort of Oriental Diana Death with
really long fingernails who seduces you into
buying her rice-wine cocktails and then takes you
back to the "red room" from where you never

: Possible album title: "Crouching Buddha, Hidden

: No? Well, screw you - it was just an idea!

: Sporadically Yours,
: Chancaca!

Actually, what should have been done originally
is for Deadbolt to have maintained the theme-
integrity on the albums. Take Tiki Man, for
instance. It's obvious that "Channel 5" should be
on Voodoo Trucker. "Crime Scene" from Zulu Death
Mask belongs on Tijuana Hit Squad. And there are
others that just seem like they'd fit better
elsewhere with Voodoo Trucker's "Voodoo Curse"
being the latest miss. Of course I realize that
some of these "mismatched" songs were recorded
prior to a future theme for a next album and were
layed down on whatever current album existed or
are used as fillers, but it'd be cool to take the
entire catalog and rearrange it the way it should
be. I'm sure folks do it privately. Myself, I'm
in favor of the oft-mentioned prison-theme for a
next album(which of course, "Prison Shank"
shoulda been on). But what do I know, I think
Shrunken Head is Deadbolt's best yet and dug the
off-key female vocal(D.D.?) line in "Jimmy's
Grave" the FIRST time I ever heard it...

(Happy, Mr. R.A. MacLean? See, we can
intelligently discuss the band here. You

That last sandwich sucked, Patrick-

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