"Note to myself: idea for next DB album"

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Posted by Chancaca on February 24, 2001 at 11:58:53:

Ok, Ok...!!!
What if....and far be it for me to claim any artistic license for the Band, but - what if Harley and R.A. and Tank and (Les?) and the rest linked the voodoobilly thing up to a outlaw-chinese-mafia kinda' theme? You know, like songs about "Dr. Chu," the fat bastard that runs the underground spices-n'-guns shop that also sells preserved body parts that turn out to be from frat boys who got a bit too drunk in his sleazy Chinatown bar? Or a song about "Lai-Ling, the Dragon Lady," a sort of Oriental Diana Death with really long fingernails who seduces you into buying her rice-wine cocktails and then takes you back to the "red room" from where you never return?

Possible album title: "Crouching Buddha, Hidden Reverb!"

No? Well, screw you - it was just an idea!

Sporadically Yours,

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