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Posted by YDSM on February 14, 2001 at 19:42:59:

In Reply to: Re: Spurned, Burned and Denied... posted by R.A.MacLean on February 14, 2001 at 17:38:38:

: : Death Queen: art thou mine?
: : No! My flesh your fangs do rip!
: : Screw it - I'm going home!

: She has made it quite clear to lay off.

: Now I'm telling you asshole, back off.

: Not in the mood for your words of wisdom,

: R.A.

R.A. MacLean-
If this was indeed your posting I have no choice
but to poke fun publicly at your "Mr. Protector"
stance concerning DD and your pitiful attempts at
Haiku. I, for one, thought DD handled
the "Chancaca" situation quite well and really
needed no assistance via an old man walking up
puffing up his leather jacket thinking folks
really care about what he's "in the mood for". I
dunno, maybe hanging out with 10th Texas
reenactors kinda fogs yer mind as far as machismo
goes, but remember...the South lost the war not
in a blaze of Glory nor a last stand. The South
lost because they got starved out. Pitiful,
actually...but such is war. Now, as far as your
Haiku- I really don't know what to say. It
appears you witnessed numerous cryptic 3-line
posts by myself, DD, Chancaca, Patrick, Dr. Drag,
etc. the last week or so and chose to join the
fun w/o having a clue as to what it was all
about. Nevertheless, welcome back. And if this
was an imposter "R.A. MacLean" post...GFY.(Hell,
even if it was RA...GFY)

"...I wear rags o'er my skeletal form and heft a
musket in 2001 fighting for the Stars and Bars.
Don't mess with me- I'm a voodoobilly man..."

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