Re: Rest Assured, it's me.

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Posted by YDSM on February 15, 2001 at 15:58:31:

In Reply to: Rest Assured, it's me. posted by R.A. MacLean on February 14, 2001 at 22:13:58:

: 1st of all numbnuts, it's the 5th TX, not the
: 10th (Can't you fucking count?). And for you to
: get wrapped up in what I do in my personal
: time just reinforces what a hopeless Fuckup you
: are. Get a fucking life!

: So should I take up one of your hobbies? Like
: candle making? Touching small boys named Juan?
: thanks. And as for this "Old Man", I'll beat
: fucking senseless with my walker, strip you
: and leave your ass in the Castro (No, that's a
: bad Idea. Shit, you'd like that).

: (God that felt good)

: R.A.

Jaaaysus, Mr. R.A. MacLean!!- lighten up. You
just went off on me as if my above post actually
offended you! You even got threatening and
everything. Man...Well, anyways, it seems I was
successful in ferreting you out of hiding(which
was the whole idea after Chancaca's failed
earlier attempt). I, of course, actually find CWR
quite interesting but honestly have no interest
in your personal life(hence me not knowing[or
caring] what unit you're actually in- I just made
a guess), so don't flatter yourself. I did what
it took to get you posting again. Mission
accomplished. No harm was ever meant.

"...I get pissed-off at folks and tell them
to 'Get a life'. Don't mess with me- I'm a
voodoobilly man..."

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