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Posted by Johnny Wizard on February 06, 2001 at 22:29:20:

Go Home, I'm Calling It All Off

Hi people. Hope I didn't get to crazy for you there.
Being Jesus isn't so much fun yet, and does often get
fairly serious, but filled with much support to help me
get through, to eventually lead you people to do all
the work for us, while I become the world's biggest
slacker. I've needed to be authoritative, along with
legitimately feared for good reasons, at a risk of
losing respect from those I would only treat with kind
words, if I could write to you all privately. But I
say, the world can be brutish, and being da judge as
little G on my own like this on behalf of everything,
um, makes my position far from simple. I kinda wish I
hadn't been so rude, or swore, or could have been the
man I am usually to those I know personally. I, of
course, get very defensive, trying to be something I'm
not used to. I abhor violence, and reality is so very
strange as you may have surmised for me, I'm walking in
my dreams with God, and I remember creating all you
people from nothing way back at the beginning of time.
Wow eh? God as Creator.. me, I find it hard to
believe too sometimes. We have of ourselves, Gods who
write some of the most beautiful words about Christ,
that I only wish I could live up to someday. Very
amazing, and on the whole, beautiful, and kinda fun.
So I figure I'd reaffirm some of my positions as a
human God like yourself, in this world called love.
Okay, here we are. So, you can't know everything, and
you can never say exactly what is going on outside of
this moment you personally experience, therefor nor can
any other. To do so, would be everything that your not
also, leaving no matter what you surmise through
imaginations, emotions, mathematics, or secret CIA
connections, your always only a small two bit player of
the eternal omnipotence of all things. Whatever that
means, nobody can actually know see, that is the spell
we weave so well, and what has sharing love together
with another all of what that experience can be. Wow,
could be marvelous! Leaving us know God anywhere of
ourselves as the trees to the wind, sun, and the rain.
Change never stops, as the way it always is,
permanently. We're in this love together, and like
berries on the vine, it get's sweeter all the time.
With our admission price to the carnival, comes the
burden of all the pain and suffering in the world,
leaving us solely to blame for our misfortunes. Being
a reasoned immortal God with magical powers as wonder
through eternity, which is of what our universe is made
of truly, doesn't allow a separation from the
responsibility we have to others as ourselves,
particularly those who innocently or not, cause us
undue suffering and hardships because they are
unfortunately dumb, and generally don't know better.
What this means, is you can't fly away like an eagle
without having a real concern for your young, or your
species. This would come naturally to most of any
background, or education, as an integral life system of
what it is to be alive. Even after death, were still
left with many of the same hardships of reality, only
with a renewed vigor, that we are of course going to
get this done for our benefits. You don't need to
believe in God, or me as Jesus, but to in yourself,
makes this self evident through science, reason, and
faith, for those who have time to ponder such things,
that is. Forever trust in who we are, and nothing else
matters essentially. I am God's King of the universe
though as John, and this is that, because I am cursed
with this comic tragedy, being here where I always have
been, that is kinda hip, if I ever do manage to find
some time to forget all my troubles. We can never
understand it all, but as you always have, you can
enjoy yourself, and have relationships with those you
love, or work with. Love is a most splendid thing, and
although nothing is absolute, everything you do, is as
real as you are. As Gods, with the fears, doubts, and
insecurities that we are all, as people, faced with at
this or another time. If you can believe it, without
dropping your marbles, or if you do, just pick them
back up, living can be like a dream, and hopefully,
each and everyone of us at some time is convinced that
this is a good thing as a whole. You through God would
I'm sure, work with care not to frighten yourself if
you lacked faith in believing, while me, the son, tries
to do the same thing, but you know, this is next to
impossible, so fear is a natural, and something I try
to take on as mine in hopes to alleviate some of your
own. I'm a beast, but I love to cuddle. As I've
stated, there is no real hell of damnation, other than
what might be referred to as sleepy town. This is
about seeing you seeing me as them and us, and how
these concepts of division are apart of what we are as
the universe, and together, what we can do to better
our situation that can be for your benefit too as God.
Understanding we together today, are generally, but not
always, the weakest as our most destructive forces in
our nature as human society. Americans might think
they're proud and strong, for not facing us publicly as
the truth for slaughtering millions of innocent
defenseless families like their own, but to the
universe, or as me as a Canadian with a CBC education,
it is abysmal, and terribly unfortunate for me to
inherit. The feel good machine hates to admit we are
many humans living out of dumpsters. There is no one
to blame but ourselves as God for being so stupid, and
me being me, feel the burden of that responsibility
more than anyone, but I try not to, because it's just
too much to consider as John who doesn't play,
knowingly try anyway, with another's free will, or
fates. Maybe that has been another of my mistakes, but
I still have faith in you, to see for yourself what is
true on your own will power to be true to yourself.
Many causes that America takes up for the world without
publicly consulting anybody against ourselves, often
have legitimate goals, but it's in how we reach for
those goals, in which all our worlds make the
difference. Murdering civilians is really bad news,
and like I say, serves little of any intelligent
military function, other than a display of our
barbarity as God, and a disrespect for the rule of law
for often a billionaires perceived continuing
prosperity. Admitting to mistakes, is the hardest for
self labeled right wingers, and I have established how,
and why this is so in previous papers. Hey look, I
screwed up too as a human, and can't help goofing up
almost every single day. I've said things I regret,
and some times I lose my cool by getting miffed at
something I maybe shouldn't have. America is, and
must be held accountable for the war action against the
victimized in that country by the defense department
and the pentagon. Look, this isn't secret information,
and nobody is hiding anything. Boo! I know it's not
always healthy, but I'm trying to get comfortable as a
normal to myself, one of a kind performer in this
circus. Our weaknesses in our political arenas, are
perpetrated by not admitting we are often less than
childish, by our representors sometimes being all
growed up adults with extreme biases, being so assured
without ourselves, by taking our political authority
against our interests, by not thinking to try and
understand why they do what they do as a greed against
themselves being brighter, against those of us who
think anything could be so, or would rather just get
back to learning to play the clarinet or accordion.
Somehow, for some God stupid reason, fighting to be
less than what they are, according to their own self
destruction model as ego. Privatization of our public
utilities makes no sense, it just doesn't, and only
continues, from those who can't comprehend, we are the
public. I can't get away from this as all our fault
through God, as I would hope at some time in the near
as can be future, you would understand this as your own
life too. It would seem, as Gods, we ponder many of
the same dilemmas, with some finding ourselves
confronting the same trouble up at the house on the
hill. Once understanding ourselves as God through
eternity, and the death thing, it all comes back to how
are you feeling? Are you eating well? Are all those
my guitars? Where does that door way lead to? Along
with the ever popular, Wanna play around? And, what
are we doing to try to make better for ourselves in the
real worlds. So I really think the rest of our work
needs to be done without my help but as a booster,
because I can't see anything outside of myself as John,
the Son of Man, and I've covered every major human
issue on behalf of God already, and if you people can't
figure out how to help yourselves, nor feel a want to
try to do so, we never did have a chance. But, because
we are so very busy to take time for ourselves, working
for food and shelter for the private bankers, newspaper
advertising execs, the corporate machines over our
ownership on creative inventions, lottery officials,
and investment brokers, who demand through your willing
punishment to give as a slave, we accept their religion
without thinking. Example, the IMF and World Bank
loans along with the WTO, who take political authority
on your behalf, because we as a government have let
them take away our rights from us as humans living in a
democracy, without corporate coverage to protect
ourselves by covering the critics, of sometimes no less
than our chief economists, presidents and regulators of
these institutions, labeled quickly and cheaply by our
news professionals as the anti-capitalists, and in so
not working on behalf of you by taking our money,
demand the destruction of social programs and education
to be dumb like themselves, who rarely if ever speak
publicly, because many our most powerful private
corporations wont allow us to understand, because it
risks a loss of their private profit margins over our
livelihoods, obsoleting our regulatory controls on the
environment, and the creation of police states to
enslave us as their private products to sell back to us
at interest, namely for their blind hatred and
aggression towards all of you as their universe is
dumbly. We together have treated ourselves not well as
God unfortunately, and because I am of the mind that
the planet is alive, born of me through eternity, I'm
here to say, mess anymore with my sweetie baby, your
gonna see a father and his son get mean. I feel as
God, in many ways we have allowed ourselves to be
abused to death already. God, being what we are,
although I do love God as much as anyone, is not always
our friend, and certainly not what I have chosen on
behalf of another's free will. I can't escape that I
am, and share this world with all. God of all things,
is of course, way beyond my ability to compare myself
with, is much wiser, knowledgeable, and maybe super
sexy, so I believe there must be some purpose to leave
me as such. I live my life as Gods, my soul
responsibility as John to only myself, the mammal to
soupy for his own noodle. You tell me, don't you think
God is big, like, huge, and just wacko to leave me in
charge, being a man of such simple means, an stature?
I guess that shows God to be, even bigger than ever, by
being as me, so teeny. I see great potentials for us
as a species to go far for our benefits as Mankind. We
have awesome communication technologies, that we so
far, have ignored as corporate interest to educate
ourselves. This must change. The Bio-tech industry
must be shut down immediately, until we have together,
with real scientists, put together a global gene
treaty. If they continue to refuse to cooperate with
ourselves as a God of people, and myself as the Maker,
they will force ourselves into a game that leaves us no
alternatives. Have no doubt on this my friends,
believe me when I tell you, I am it. The individuals
that work for Monsanto are not scientists, nor are
those who work for Astrazeka, but excuses for our
mistakes in evolution, maybe even just our own as John,
what ever will get you through this, who tell us to
speak to lawyers arguing over private patents on life
as real scientists understand it already, while telling
you how great they are by private commercials of us
agreeing publicly, daily, who argue with yourself to
not address my concerns, or any others. You know, the
walking talking DNA that is ourselves. See, it doesn't
matter if all you nazi american people are made too
spiteful, ignorant, stupid and angry by ourselves to
agree with every legitimate high school graduate on our
planet. These bogus patent holders, who claim to be
better than us, are all that evil is, and what a real
hell in this world represents, but could still possibly
be good folk with billions of dollars in personal bank
accounts, that they tell me as God they own completely,
because they earned our blood taking all of us as the
robbed public through inept governments. Doesn't
matter though. If a few hundred board directors, major
shareholders and managers who haven't a clue what they
are doing to us, or could care, who's jobs become
vacant, so be it better to save all of life as we know
it for everyone else in paradise. Either with
education on the responsibilities we truly have to
ourselves to protect our lives and souls, or we'll
threaten you as Satan with my Hell's Angles, to shape
up, or we'll throw you off the boat. See? We know as
Gods, we win this already, it's just how many more have
to suffer for millions of years through the action we
refuse to stop today, because of Mr. Turner, Larry,
and Chris's ignorance on our awesomeness. Monsanto
knows they are killing people with Aspartame, and
dumping hazardous waste on us as the public for their
private interests as the trying implementors of your
destruction, but do they care? Fluoride is a terribly
wicked carcinogen, likely responsible for many of our
cancers, but do our, oops, I mean their private
corporate, below our bottom line newspapers care?
Rockefeller and Greenspan's friends have billions
they've done nothing for, but do any of you care that
people are starving, or paying half your wages in taxes
of which you celebrate not knowing on who is being
taken. I figure, if I was the only one with a few
extra dollars, and a half decent home for doing
absolutely nothing, we'd all be much better off. It's
like saying Mr. Perot, your a genius, you must be a
wise man to be in a position to rob us all as the
public that way, wow, your an american hero. Billions
of the public's health services removed and into your
private wallet, wow, impressive. Some day every
American, can in an american fantasy, rob the
unsuspecting public as God that way too, and will leave
ourselves somewheres else. What is this? Every
republicans nightmare of death and destruction come
true, that's what it is, as an ideology on the right
thing for them to do to themselves in this war that
always has raged. Who holds it? Only the most
ignorant, cowardly, and racist among us, who would
rather leave themselves to waste, than learn something
new, like the principles of democracy, and freedom, or
what is written in the American constitution. All we
have to honestly admit, is that we as a society have
much to learn from republicans. That's it, I give
nothing more of myself to the general public this way,
as I have nothing else to write about. Peace and
prosperity for all, but especially for God. Please. I
mean come on, it only makes sense for everyone. So
turn us loose, because we gotta do this our way or no
way at all. As jealous as some may feel, we are kinda
smart, witty, and insightful, and I know this statement
might bug your craw, but it's true.

Still love ya God for all your faults,

Your son,

Johnny Wizard - The big dreamer still wondering' why I
can't seem to get any action. Oh well, hugs and kisses

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