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Posted by Dr. Drag on January 18, 2001 at 11:37:30:

In Reply to: Re: Deadbolt Shows posted by HRG on January 17, 2001 at 18:43:30:

Actually, it wasn't me, but thanks for thinking of me, HRG.

: Son (or Dr. Drag whom I strongly suspect this
: being), if you have a question about Deadbolt
: please ask me at home and don't use the BBS. You
: are invading Mommy's *private space*.

: To answer your question:
: 1. we tell the guy we are on the list.
: 2. we see people we know and they say "fuck it's
: hard getting out of the house" we agree.
: 3. we make fun of the various Betty Page style
: skanks and 'roid rage Rock-a-silly a-holes.
: 4. we make fun of the one, sometimes two opening
: acts.
: 5. spend some time talking to the band, using
: steps two, three and four again.
: A. we hit 3rd Degree up for smokes.
: 6. we watch the band. during which we usually
: follow these sub-steps:
: A. watch idiots who think they invented
: heckling shout FREE BIRD.
: B. Laugh our fool heads off at Clay.
: C. Laugh at Clay some more.
: D. Get tired of laughing at Clay.
: E. Feel sorry for Clay.
: F. Start missing Moosecutter
: 7. we tell the band they did a great job, except
: Clay who is face down in a pool of
: someones urine.
: 8. we hit Harley up for money after he steals ALL
: of our jokes from step 5.
: 9. we go home coughing saying we should have never
: bummed those smokes from 3rd Degree.

: I'm just assuming Deadbolt shows are the same for
: everyone.

: -Mom

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