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Posted by HRG on January 17, 2001 at 18:43:30:

In Reply to: Deadbolt Shows posted by Otto on January 17, 2001 at 00:47:24:

Son (or Dr. Drag whom I strongly suspect this
being), if you have a question about Deadbolt
please ask me at home and don't use the BBS. You
are invading Mommy's *private space*.

To answer your question:
1. we tell the guy we are on the list.
2. we see people we know and they say "fuck it's
hard getting out of the house" we agree.
3. we make fun of the various Betty Page style
skanks and 'roid rage Rock-a-silly a-holes.
4. we make fun of the one, sometimes two opening
5. spend some time talking to the band, using
steps two, three and four again.
A. we hit 3rd Degree up for smokes.
6. we watch the band. during which we usually
follow these sub-steps:
A. watch idiots who think they invented
heckling shout FREE BIRD.
B. Laugh our fool heads off at Clay.
C. Laugh at Clay some more.
D. Get tired of laughing at Clay.
E. Feel sorry for Clay.
F. Start missing Moosecutter
7. we tell the band they did a great job, except
Clay who is face down in a pool of
someones urine.
8. we hit Harley up for money after he steals ALL
of our jokes from step 5.
9. we go home coughing saying we should have never
bummed those smokes from 3rd Degree.

I'm just assuming Deadbolt shows are the same for


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