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Posted by D.D. on January 17, 2001 at 22:51:22:

In Reply to: Re: Bryan Gregory R.I.Pee posted by Patrick on January 16, 2001 at 23:32:57:

: ...Diana they need volunteers to go dig up
: in El Salvador after that earthquake. Why don't
: you go? It would be like a goddamn happy-day
: easteregg hunt for you Miss.(heh heh heh). "Oh
: look everybody! I got another one! Nobody touch
: my pile of bodies! They're mine! I found them!"
: way too funny to imagine.

I'd do it if it didn't mean having to expend so
much physical energy. Besides, what if I dug
somebody out of the rubble who was still alive?
I'd feel so cheated. Especially if it was some
goddamn baby. I'd re-bury it, and hope that
nobody notices.

: Diana if this next CD is going to have a
: theme, then I want to here a song like this.
: lover, who's incarcerated for life for killing
: your ex-lover, calls you collect from the
: penetentiary, but you hang up on him because,
: ex-boyfriend is over your house at the time.
: know, work with it, like the Dog in the road
: song. heh heh heh.

What the fuck?! If I were to write a prison-
related song, it would deal with the theme of
solitary confinement insanity. Or, meeting up
with such noteworthy and charming convicts as Ted
Kaczynskia and Jack Kevorkian. Or, sharing a
lunchtime table with Jefferey Dahmer in the
prison cafeteria. Yum! I heard that the state
of Wisconsin auctioned off many of his
belongings, including silverware... Where the
fuck was I?!?

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