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Posted by Patrick on March 09, 2001 at 00:36:00:

In Reply to: Re: The truth... posted by PCP on March 08, 2001 at 23:15:02:

: : one of the worst freak air disaster
: : ever happened in San Diego, and the bloody,
: : : charred-limbed mess fell straight down all
: : one of the webbastards neighborhoods for
: : : chrissakes..chaulk another crazy one up for
: : Diego why dont ya!

: : Worst? Sounds like one of the best! Reading
: : your story of charred human limbs falling
: : the sky so early in the morning put me in a
: : glorious mood! Thank you, PCP; I am now
ready to
: : face the day! I am not at all being
: : or "in-character". The only sad part about
: : story is that you witnessed it, not I.

: glad it got your morning going. Raining Blood
in north park.

: that would have been great to witness from the
ground. (at an angle).
: actually my lame post gave the wrong idea,
MARCO is the webbastard who lived right in that
: neigborhood when that happened, and he may have
seen it.
: but we all went to see the aftermath thats for

: I guess maybe no one got the Tom Metzger in
SD/Fallbrook reference earlier, either.

...Oh I got it. But usually Mr. Fallbrook's name
is used like this:
"I'm so pale this early in Spring I'd make a
Fallbrook TV repairman proud!"

What was the joke? PSA: Catch our smile,
Northpark did.

You guys forgot about the F-14 Tomcat crashing in
Qualcomm's parking lot. But I think Heaven's Gate
is one of the most outrageously hilarious events
in San Diego -aside from the Chargers, now that's
mass murder. You know, like what did the one
Heaven's Gate member say to the other Heaven's
gate member when he said he wanted to keep
his 'human container'... "shutup and eat your

this joke can be used to make fun of the
Jonestown Massacre too, just say, "Shutup and
drink your Kool-Aid!"

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