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Posted by The road crew on March 08, 2001 at 05:23:08:

Well, Harley and I are here in Kansas City Missouri, Had a great show,and we are now at a friends house, We would like start off by saying FUCK OFF to everyone, and we really mean that.Tommorrow we will be in Wichitaw, the home of the VOODOO TRUCKER artist Dennis McPhail and all the great guys at the GO AWAY GARAGE...... someone we know is still in a mental instituation, security is very high there,
they are looking all to make a break out and going to kill everyone down there at the GO AWAY GARAGE. Security is high once again.We are looking for a good place to dump a Canadian body, because we are so smooooothe.All roads from Salinas to Wichita will be monitered.The Salinas Home for the MMMMMentaly Insane, will also be monitered,but that's O.K. because we all have a lot of guns.Harley's got a nickel plated .38 for you're ass..........This is a personal messge from Tank right here,you all better have a couple bottles of WHISKEY for us or else...and Jessie Our Beautiful Hostage here says "eat a fuck'in 40 pound bag of big DICKS you sorry MOTHERFUCKERS."And she means it.We know
all you Motherfuckers reading this at this time of the morning are about as smart as "A SACK OF WET HAMMERS."Anyways eat our Shit and DIE, we will probably see you sooner than We'd like........


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