Re: Good Riddance, Dirtbags!

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Posted by Maddybear on March 05, 2001 at 10:27:12:

In Reply to: Good Riddance, Dirtbags! posted by Chett on March 04, 2001 at 15:14:31:

: Well, I have learned nothing about Deadbolt during the last week of reading this bulletin board that I didn't already know. You people are sick and twisted and probably ride Harleys thinking you look real cool, but you're not! Probably just a bunch of fat middle aged alcoholics with home-made tatoos who are tone-deaf!
: Only so much abuse I should take - don't bother replying to this, because I'm removing you from my browser's "favorites" list.
: Dumbasses!
: -Chett-

Chett, you don't WANT to know more about Deadbolt. If you knew more, it would frighten you beyond your worst nightmare. I know. I've seen the truth, and it is beyond description. Be happy that you were able to nibble at the fringes. Don't take a bigger bite! Not if you value your sanity, of course. Others who know the truth and post messages, often cover their horror with banal comments and false bravado, it's the only way they can cope with reality.
Now, be a good boy and take that bath Mumsy ordered you to do, and get your Trekky suit on to go visit with the chick across the street.

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