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Posted by Chett's mom on March 05, 2001 at 01:06:35:

In Reply to: Good Riddance, Dirtbags! posted by Chett on March 04, 2001 at 15:14:31:

...These people would just be a bad influence on
you anyway son. The boys all probably smoke, and
the girls all don't sit with their legs crossed.
I can choose much better friends for you anyway.
Gladys across the street wants to invite you to
watch Star Trak with her tonight! So why don't
you jump in the bathtub after dinner! Never mind
these people. They've probably never seen the
inside of a church. And wash behind your ears and
call me in to wash your privates.

: Well, I have learned nothing about Deadbolt
during the last week of reading this bulletin
board that I didn't already know. You people are
sick and twisted and probably ride Harleys
thinking you look real cool, but you're not!
Probably just a bunch of fat middle aged
alcoholics with home-made tatoos who are tone-
: Only so much abuse I should take - don't bother
replying to this, because I'm removing you from
my browser's "favorites" list.
: Dumbasses!
: -Chett-

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